31 While 31

    I’ve seen a lot of these posts where people pick out so many things to do by their birthday or while they are a certain age.  At first, I wasn’t sure about them, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.  I am a firm believer in lists, and I like to cross off everything on my lists, so I decided to write my 31 things to do while I am 31.

 (Yes, the above picture is from my 31st birthday party with my family.  My mouth is open as I pretend to sing to myself.  The adorable little boy next to me is my 5 year old cousin Peyton.  That’s my dad sitting behind him-his birthday was this week too!)

Things to Cook:
-Lamb (I have never made lamb in my life)
-Baba Ganoush
-Beer Crab Chips with Vinegar Aioli
-5 recipes I have saved on my Foodbuzz account

Things to Can:
-Bread and Butter Pickles
-Dill Pickle Spears
-Tomato Sauce
-Apple Butter

Things to Bake:
-Monkey Bread
-Pull apart Cinnamon Bread
-Apple donuts
-Filled Cupcakes
-2 new types of bread (I currently only bake white bread)

-Finish my cruise scrapbook
-Scrapbook our honeymoon (from last summer!)

-Read at least 2 books in my work field (Education)
-Read at least 3 books out of normal reading genres

-Take my husband to Niagara Falls
-Take my husband to 2 new restaurants in Pittsburgh
-Go to Vermont

Health and Fitness:
-Take an aqua zumba class (I’ve been dying to try this!)
-Get certified as a Zumba instructor
-Get at least 4 pedicures this year
-Get at least 2 full body massages




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