My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

With Thanksgiving getting closer everyday I’ve been thinking hard about what to put on the menu this year.  My mom always hosts Thanksgiving but I usually bring several side dishes and desserts.  I’ve compiled a list of a few of my Thanksgiving favorites in hopes that it will help you plan your family celebration as well!  I’ve linked all the recipes to the titles.

Turkey Dishes
Braised Turkey Roulade
Potato Dishes
Potato Tart with Gruyere, Bacon, and Rosemary.  This is a great side dish recipe.
Rosemary Mashed Potato Recipe is a great holiday side dish.
Stuffing Dishes
Cornbread, Chorizo, and Jalapeno Stuffing is great for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Try this recipe today!
Sausage Stuffing
Vegetable Side Dishes
Finnish Cauliflower is a deliciously cheesy holiday recipe.
Cheddar Cheese Green Bean Casserole is a twist on the traditional recipe.
OREO Turkeys are a fun dessert for Thanksgiving.
Easy Peach Turnovers




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