9 Great Gifts for Father’s Day

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Have you been looking around at Father’s Day gifts this year?   Does your dad or husband have everything they already need and you are stuck trying to find that needle in the haystack?

Pin Image: A circle made of colorful thermometers, a 5 piece stainless grill tool set, a tray of mixed nuts, a box filled with sausage, cheeses, and crackers, a set of 4 beer glasses with one glass filled with beer, text.

Yep, this is my problem.  Every year when Father’s Day rolls around I try and think of something my dad might want.  Usually there isn’t much to buy so we go for books or something that has to do with fishing or golf.

While that’s all fine and good sometimes I get tired of sending the same old gifts his way. The same thing happens with Mother’s Day.  I feel like there has to be something new I could get my parents.

So this year I’ve collected several of my favorite gifts for dads.   I’m including a few food gifts because you can’t go wrong with food, a beverage or two, some tools for grilling, and a few other gifts you’ll want to check out.

Gifts for Father's Day

10 Great Gifts for dad!

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