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   Do you know what March 14th is?  It’s Pi Day!   Pi Day is an annual celebration to commemorate the mathematical constant π .  The reason it’s celebrated on March 14th is that the most significant digits in Pi are 3.14 which corresponds with March 14th.

As an elementary school teacher I often celebrate Pi Day by doing some fun activities with my students.   One thing I always like to do is bring in a pie and put the π symbol on it in frosting.  The kids get a big kick out of seeing a different way of writing pie.  Most years I would make my own pie but because I’ve been extra busy this year I decided to buy a Marie Callender’s pie because they taste just like homemade.  I bought the Dutch Apple Pie which is made with real apples.  Good thing I got to take a photo before my students dug into this pie because it was gone in minutes!

Another fun activity I like to do with the students is make a Pi bracelet.  We take 10 different colored beads and assign each one a numeric value.  1=red, 2=orange, 3=yellow, 4=green, and so on.  Then the students will begin by placing a yellow bead, then a red bead, then a green bead, and so on following the infinite number of Pi until the bracelet fits around their wrist.  This is always a fun activity and the students like to compare how many beads they used in comparison with the number.

We also like to create our own pies.  Each student receives a sheet of paper with a circle drawn on it.  They get to draw inside the pie and then color it in to show what kind of pie they would like to create.  Then they have to write 2-3 sentences describing their pie.  In the end we glue the π symbol in the middle of the pies and hang them up.

What are you doing to celebrate Pi Day?  If you haven’t made plans feel free to use this coupon to receive $1.50 off a Marie Callender’s frozen pie at any national retailer:  http://clvr.li/WisbJs.  Then simply buy a container of frosting and pipe the Pi symbol on the middle!  It’s an instant Pi Day dessert and it will look like you’ve had it planned all along. This is a fun and easy way to celebrate with your school aged children or the adult who loves math.

If you are looking for more party ideas and how-to’s make sure to check out Marie Callender’s blog at http://clvr.li/Ye3AlJ.   You can also take a look at all the sweet and savory pies Marie Callender’s offers as well as rate and review them at http://clvr.li/YbnAp3.    My favorites are the Peppermint Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, and the Chicken Corn Chowder Pot Pie.

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