Bryndzové Halusky
Recipe type: Side dish
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Serves: serves 4
A traditional Slovak Bryndzove Halusky starts with potato dumplings topped with sheep cheese, bacon, and green onions.
  • 750 grams peeled raw potatoes, grated
  • 1 t. salt
  • 250 grams flour
  • 250 grams sheep cheese (If you can't find this crumbled goat cheese or feta can be substituted but try to find the sheep cheese, it's worth it)
  • 150 grams bacon, cooked and chopped
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 green onions, chopped
  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.
  2. Combine the grated potatoes, salt, and flour in a large bowl. Mix with your hands until combined.
  3. Bring a large pot of water to a boil
  4. Using your hands make 1 to 1½ inch balls with the potato mixture. Gently place them in the boiling water.
  5. Cook in 2-3 batches for 3-4 minutes each or until the dumplings rise to the top. Remove with a slotted spoon to a serving platter.
  6. Immediately crumble small chunks of the sheep's milk cheese on top of the hot dumplings causing the cheese to melt into a sauce. Mix the melted cheese with the dumplings to coat.
  7. Sprinkle with the crumbled bacon, salt, pepper, and green onions.
  8. Serve piping hot
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Note: This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled. We tripled it.
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