Easy Air Fryer Orange Pecan Sticky Buns
Recipe type: breakfast
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
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Serves: 16 buns
It takes just 20 minutes to make sticky buns that taste like they are homemade with hints of honey, orange, and crunchy pecans.
  • 1 loaf of Rhodes frozen bread dough, thawed in the refrigerator overnight
  • 4 oz. cream cheese
  • 2 T. orange juice
  • ½ c. powdered sugar
  • 1 t. cinnamon
  • ½ t. ginger
  • ⅓ c. chopped pecans
  • ¼ c. honey
  • ⅓ c. butter
  • 2 T. brown sugar
  • orange zest (optional)
  1. Remove the thawed bread dough from the refrigerator and cut in half.
  2. Roll the each dough piece into an 8" x 12" rectangle. Set aside.
  3. In a large bowl combine the cream cheese, orange juice, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and ginger. Beat with a mixer on medium speed until smooth. If it's too runny add in a little more powdered sugar.
  4. Divide the cream cheese mixture before the two dough rectangles and smooth to within ½ in of all sides.
  5. Sprinkle the pecans on top of the cream cheese mixture.
  6. Roll the dough starting at one of the long sides until it resembles a cinnamon roll. Pinch the dough together at the seam. Repeat with the other dough.
  7. Using a serrated knife cut each bread dough log into 8 pieces.
  8. Spray an air fryer with cooking spray. Place 6 rolls in the air fryer and spray the tops of them with cooking spray. Cook for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.
  9. Meanwhile, place the honey, butter, and brown sugar in a small bowl. Microwave in 15 second intervals, stirring after each heating, until the butter is melted and the brown sugar is mostly melted.
  10. Remove from microwave and add orange zest if using.
  11. Open the air fryer and flip the sticky buns over. Pour 1 tablespoon of the honey butter topping on top of each bun. Continue cooking for 4-5 minutes or until they are golden brown and baked through.
  12. Remove from air fryer and spoon another tablespoon of the honey butter mixture on top. Serve immediately.
  13. Finish cooking the remaining using the same directions. Enjoy!
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