Intoxication: A Novelette

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Intoxication, a novelette by Tim Kizer, features Leslie, a woman who is sure someone is trying to kill her. The story opens with Leslie’s friend Rick drinking a cup of coffee meant for Leslie. He has a horrible reaction and almost dies from poison that was put into the coffee.

Leslie begins the hunt for the person who tried poisoning her. Her hunt becomes almost intoxicating to her as she puts cameras both in her office and in her apartment, buys a Glock to protect herself, and then begins to form a plan.  Her plan starts when Helen, a co-worker, brings her another cup of coffee and Leslie makes her drink it in front of her. The next day Helen is rushed to the hospital from being poisoned. It turns out while Helen delivered the coffee, she was not the one to make it.

Leslie begins following the trail of the person who poisoned her coffee and finally ends up getting the right woman. Unfortunately, that woman has a more sinister plan for Leslie. It all goes back to several years before when Leslie was drinking and driving and had a very bad accident; one she thought no one else knew about.

I found that the story started out strong with some insight into Leslie’s mind. There are a few twists and turns that made me want to read more.  Then the ending came abruptly and didn’t feel like it fit with the rest of the story.  It’s worth a read if you have the time and is a short story to read.

There is no star rating for this novelette as it is under 100 pages.

**I was given a copy of Intoxication by the author to review.**

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