Meal Plan Mondays #13: Easy Recipes for Weeknight Meals

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Are you ready to plan your weekly meals?   I’m back with Meal Plan Mondays #13 and this week I’m starting to plan for Mother’s Day!   In addition to Mother’s Day, many of this weeks recipes are great for brunch as well.

Pin image: A bowl filled with vegetables for Mexican pasta salad, a cutting board with three slices of bread topped with pears, text, a platter with three donuts in orange and blue glaze, a plate piled high with lettuce topped with chicken, and a plate a pasta salad.

Before we get to the recipes let’s talk a little bit about both Mother’s Day and brunch.  I feel like many people host a brunch for Mother’s Day because it’s a better time of day for families and friends to get together.

Brunch is also a fun idea for getting together because you can serve both breakfast and lunch food.  As someone who isn’t crazy about breakfast I always enjoy a good brunch because it has a lot more choices for me.  It’s also nice to only have to eat one meal in the morning versus one at 8 then another one at noon.

Whenever I host a brunch I like to have a nice tablescape.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.   Usually I like to use bright and fun plates and napkins to set the table and a tablecloth that goes along with both. 

Flowers are a must.  I simple vase of flowers can really jazz up a brunch table.  Since many brunches happen in spring it’s nice to go outside and just pick some from your garden.  We currently have daffodils in our yard which look great in a vase when tied with a big, bright ribbon.

Pin Image: A cutting board with pork and lettuce filled tacos, a chocolate covered cheesecake with strawberries and a slice cut out of it, a glass of pink watermelon frose.

In addition to some traditional brunch dishes like entree salads, fresh side salads, and cocktails, I have plenty of recipes to help you plan for meals all week long.

For entrees I’m sharing a tasty entree chicken salad recipe, grilled pork tacos, and an awesome club sandwich that can’t be beat.   For side dishes I have two types of pasta salads as well as spring vegetable tarts.

All of the desserts this week are great for serving at a brunch or just enjoying after dinner.  They include a semi-homemade cheesecake, carrot cake cupcakes, and a summer berry pudding.

Lastly are the bonus recipes.  There’s a baked donut recipe that’s just gorgeous and has a fresh lemon flavor.  Then there’s a crostini recipe that can be served as a snack or appetizer.  I’m finishing off this weeks recipes with a watermelon Frose you’ll want to drink all summer long!

Meal Plan Mondays #13: Easy Recipes for Weeknight Meals

Plenty of recipes to help you get ready for Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, a family brunch, or just your weekly menu plan.


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