Vampyre Kisses

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Vampyre Kisses is the first in a new series by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej . The prologue goes back hundreds of years ago when the goddess of the witches warns Macsen, a guardian, to protect the Wikkerie line of witches at all costs. While she cannot be specific, she tells of a war where the Salt Whips will join with evil forces and will destroy the Wikkerie line of witches if they are not protected.

The book then flips to present day where 23 year old Faith is tired of working at her dead end job. She goes around in a saddened state due to the mysterious death of her father 4 years earlier and the distance her mother put between them. Her life changes the night she goes to a club with her best friend, Mac.

While at the club she meets the mysterious Trent. He is good looking, confident, and sweet as well. They dance the night away until he has to leave, but first he promises to see Faith again soon.

Trent is a vampire on a mission to find a human to take to his Master to help repopulate the vampire race. When he finds Faith his maker immediately tells him he can’t bring her to the master. Trent doesn’t know why but he makes it his business to find out.  There is something about Faith that he is drawn to.

It turns out when Faith was just a young girl she was given a vampyre kiss by her father’s lover, who is a vampire. A vampyre’s kiss can only be given by a very old, very powerful vampire and it protects the one it’s given too. The reason Trent can’t bring her to the master is because the vampire who gave Faith the vampyre’s kiss is older then the Vampire Master.

Trent and Faith meet again and Faith is slowly brought into the world of the supernatural. She learns that Trent is a vampire. She learns of Morgan, another vampire and her father’s lover. She meets Zou Tai, the prince of the werewolves.   All of this is overwhelming but it is nothing compared the secret Morgan finally shares: Faith is the last witch left on Earth and it’s up to her to keep her race going.

Around this time the blood stone is stolen from the vampires and the moon stone is stolen from the werewolves. Without these stones the vampires and werewolves will not be able to retain the powers of their respective races. Soon all the supernatural beings are on a hunt for the stones.

Before Faith is able to help she needs to learn to use her magic. With help from Morgan, Trent, ZT, and even Mac, Faith embarks on a journey to find her true self. She goes to Alkyre, a shapeshifter who has dedicated his life to learning about witches and helping them learn to use their powers. She trains with him for weeks until she is finally ready to go out on her own.

The war begins and only one side can win.  Faith is in the battle and when she meets the enemy she must defeat she is in for the surprise of a lifetime.  The enemy is someone she knows well and can’t beleive has betrayed her.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  I felt as though it moved quickly and kept my interest throughout.  While there were a few scenes that were a bit “cheesy” there were enough parts that kept me engaged and wanting to read more.  I’m looking forward to reading the other books in The Last Witch series.

I give this book 3 ½ out of 5 stars.

**I was given a copy of this book to review by the author.**
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