World Book Night 2012

     I am very excited to be a part of World Book Night 2012.  World Book Night is an annual celebration to share a love of reading and books.  This year books will be given away in over 6000 cities in the United States.

     Reading is such an important part of my life.  Since I was a child I’ve always had a love for reading.  As I’ve grown older my taste in books has changed but my love for them has stayed the same.  I read at least one book a week and generally read more then that.  I’m a special education teacher and reading is a struggle for many of my students.  No matter how old they are, when a student has that “aha!” moment and first begins to read it’s always a thrill.  Teaching someone a skill they will need for the rest of their life is an amazing feeling.

      I am lucky that the book I am giving away is a book that I read last year and really loved.  The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls.  She grew up in a very unconventional family where her parents were educated but often choose not to work.  She and her three siblings moved from California to West Virginia where things went from bad to worse.  The story of how she and her family survive is a powerful one.  The story of how she gets out of West Virginia and gives herself a better life is inspiring.

   If you’d like to read the review I wrote of The Glass Castle please go HERE.  If you’d like to find out more about World Book Night please go HERE.




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    I found you after I discovered that I am the lucky winner of your UBP prize – awesome!! I’ve just begun taking the Wilton cake decorating classes (Lesson 3 next week) – so this is so perfect!! I also really enjoyed The Glass Castle and I recommend her other novel too, kind of a prequel to this one, – Half Broke Horses – the true story of the author’s feisty grandmother.

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    Hi I had not heard of this event either but perhaps that is because I am in Canada. I am a lover of the written word too! To a degree in a small way I share your profession I am a homeschooling Momma of 6 kids and a few of them have dyslexia and my latest challenge is my sweet 6 year old at 4 he had a malignant brain tumour removed and developed something called Posterior Fossa Syndrome and then radiation which have left him with a tonne of learning issues. We keep pushing forward and all though he isn’t reading just yet he loves to be read to!

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    Sounds interesting. Excited you get to be apart of it. :) I have enjoyed reading myself for a long time. When I was learning to read I was picky and didn’t like it. haha But soon the books had more pages and I didn’t mind the small writing, in fact sometimes I wanted it. Because it meant more reading. Amazing how we change. Books are like watching some REALLY good movies. I have a series I have read through twice, the Bride of Montclair. LOVE IT. The 5th book always brings tears to my eyes. *sigh* I should read again.. with little kids (1 and 3), I haven’t really done it in a while.

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