Hi, I’m Heather Lynne

I love to be in the kitchen creating easy recipes for families and also incredible dessert recipes. 

During the day I’m a special education teacher in an elementary school working with students who have disabilities as well as at risk general education students. 

I love working with my students but sometimes my job can get stressful and that’s why I love to cook and bake!

Looking for a delicious entree salad? Try this tasty Greek Cobb Salad with homemade dressing!

A Little Bit About Me

I currently live with my wonderful husband Frank and my son, J, in Maryland. I am originally from Pittsburgh and the difference between life in the city and life in a rural area has been a big change for me but I’ve learned to adapt.

I love to cook and I often create my own recipes in the kitchen.  I try to make a lot of easy weeknight meals because I’m tired whenever I get home from work.

However, I cook almost every night because we enjoy my cooking more than almost anything we can get out at a restaurant. Some of my current favorite meals are…

My true passion is baking

I can lose myself in the kitchen whenever I’m baking and I really enjoy the fact that my young son loves helping me measure, mix, and crack eggs!

I bake almost every weekend and my coworkers can’t wait to race into the faculty room on Monday mornings to see what treats I’ve brought in. 

Some of my recent favorites are…

Baked bread twist.