Author’s Spotlight and Giveaway: Tiffany Craig Brown

      This week I have a wonderful author spotlight and book giveaway for you!  Tiffany Craig Brown has released her book, Heaven’s Rage, and my readers have a chance to win a copy!

About Tiffany Craig Brown

TCB Author Photo (2)As the daughter of a career Air Force officer, Tiffany Craig Brown has traveled the world, living in such exotic places as Ethiopia and Japan. Some of her first memories include bathing beneath waterfalls in the African bush. She also saw first-hand the effects of extreme poverty and disease which taught her to appreciate how lucky she was to have been born an American.
After a tour in the Army and a brief marriage, Tiffany moved to San Diego, California with her two young children and enrolled in college. Three years later, she transferred to California State University, Sacramento, where she received a B.S. In Business Administration. Following her two years as a financial consultant, Tiffany used her financial knowledge and writing skills to gain the position of Corporate Communications Manager for an investment firm where she met her husband. She spent the next 20 years working in various capacities within the communications field.
Tiffany served as Director of Advertising for the Natomas Journal before taking over the role of Managing Editor in 2000. During that time, she also sat on the board of the Natomas Business Association. She resigned from the Natomas Journal in 2003 to fulfill her dream of writing a novel. Tiffany resides in Sacramento with her husband. Her grown children live nearby and visit often.
To find out more about her and her book visit:

About Heaven’s Rage

Heaven's Rage front (2)Homicide Detective Ian Buchanan is assigned to the murder investigation of Richard Tate, a retired military helicopter pilot. Buchanan quickly determines the victim’s three former wives and college girlfriend all had motive and opportunity to commit the crime. As each of these women takes him through her volatile relationship with Tate, the detective finds himself sympathizing with his suspects rather than with the victim.
GINA RODRIGUEZ is a career naval officer determined to break through the invisible barriers of a male-dominated military. It’s 1989 and along comes Dick Tate to charm her through a whirlwind romance that leads to an explosive relationship with a drunken and abusive husband.
MEG MCALLISTAR is devoted to her son, but manages to get away one night a week to party at a nearby naval base. During one of those evenings in 1982, she meets the recently divorced Dick Tate. Two years later they marry. As Dick’s bitter resentment of his first wife grows, Meg is subjected to his frequent fits of rage.
JORDAN CAMPBELL is just completing her Army training when she meets Dick Tate, a young pilot-trainee. Their brief romance is threatened when they each receive orders to opposite sides of the country, prompting them to wed quickly. Shortly thereafter, Jordan discovers she’s pregnant and is discharged from the Army.
COLLEEN MORGAN and Dick Tate are both members of their college swim team. After dating for a couple of months, Dick is becoming serious, but his chameleon-like moods trouble her and she decides to end the relationship.
     Now for the giveaway.  To enter the giveaway you must complete the mandatory entry. You may also complete any of the optional entries in order to receive extra entries into the giveaway. Leave a comment for each of the entries including an e-mail address so I can contact you if you are a winner.  All entries must be in by Saturday, April 21, 2012 at midnight. Giveaway is open to all US residents. There will be 1 winner.  The winner will be announced Sunday, April 22, 2012.
Mandatory Entry:  Tell me what your favorite book has been so far this year!
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  1. Anonymous says

    The FlyLady Control Journal is my favorite book this year. It helps you keep your home and self ship shape so that you can enjoy making new recipes.

  2. says

    I just finished reading Cloud Nine by Luanne Rice. I really enjoyed it. It started out slow, but by the end I didn’t want to put it down.

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