Foodie PenPal June

  Here it is the end of June already!  Time flies when you have the summer off.  The end of June means time to share what I received from my foodie penpal this month!  Every month it’s so fun to wait for that big box to come in the mail filled with fun food surprises!  This month was no exception.

    Veronica, from Foodie by Night, sent me a fabulous foodie package this month.  Not only was it filled with fun food items, it came way earlier then expected which was awesome!  Included in my package was gourmet rosemary and parmesan popcorn.  It was delicious!  The popcorn pops in the microwave and then you pour on the popcorn oil and shake on the rosemary and parmesan.  It was definitely gourmet and I devoured the bag myself!

    Also included in the package was Taza chocolate and a recipe for making hot chocolate with it.  It’s been too hot here to try this yet, but I did have little nibble and the flavor is out of this world!  The gingered pear jam was an immediate hit as I piled it on my toast every morning.  Pear is one of those flavors I loved as a kid and just recently got back into.  The sweetness of the pear combined with the spicy ginger was really tasty.

    In addition to food gifts, I received two food inspired treats as well.  One was a French toast lip balm which smells incredible.  The other was a copy of the Improper Bostonian, which is a local Boston food magazine.  It had all kinds of information on dining out in Boston, ideas for cooking fish, and gorgeous pictures.

     Thank you Veronica for a fantastic package!




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    I think if I had French toast lip balm I would be licking my lips all the time! That popcorn sounds crazy tasty! I may have to figure out a way to make that for myself.

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