Book Review: Handle With Care

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I recently finished reading Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult. If you’ve ever read any of her books you know that she writes about controversial issues that are relevant in today’s society. This book is no different.

This book is about a family with two daughters. The younger daughter, Willow, is born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or what is more commonly known as brittle bone syndrome. Willow is constantly breaking bones and after a particularly bad break when the family goes to Disney World, her mother (Charlotte) decides to sue for wrongful birth.

As horrible as this sounds, it gets even worse. Willow’s father, Sean, disagrees with the lawsuit and moves out of the house. The OB that Charlotte is suing is also her best friend. Finally, Charlotte’s older daughter, Amelia, has hidden problems of her own. Ironically, the deeper Charlotte gets into the lawsuit, the more broken her family becomes.
There are many subplots in this Picoult novel. I was never sure what might happen next. I was also not sure whose side I was on. Both sides make great points in this controversial novel. On one hand Charlotte is doing what she thinks is best for Willow by trying to get money for her lifetime care. On the other hand Sean doesn’t want Willow to feel as though she is a child that never should have been born. She is a much loved child with plenty of potential.
The end of the novel comes with the verdict of the trial. After the trial there is one last twist to the story, as is so typical of most of Jodi Picoult’s books. I was able to predict the ending of the book, but I still thought it was a worthwhile book to read. It kept my interest and I learned a lot about OI in the process.
While this is not my favorite of Jodi Picoult’s books, it was entertaining. I would recommend this book as a book club book or for someone who is looking for a “hot topic” book choice.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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