Make an Edible Holiday Centerpiece with OREO Cookie Balls

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Every December we have our annual Christmas party at our house.   My husband and I make sure our house is decorated for Christmas and start preparing the food several days ahead of time.   It’s a lot of work but it’s always a lot of fun.

OREO Cookie Balls Edible Christmas Tree Centerpiece

I usually make several types of appetizers and dips and several types of desserts.   I always make a variety of cookies and fudge but I like to make something unique every year.  This year I decided to make OREO Cookie Balls.  They are easy to make with just 3 ingredients and are super fun to customize.

Making an OREO Cookie ball Christmas tree is easy and fun!

OREO Cookie Balls:

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 pkg (8 oz.) brick cream cheese, softened
    • 36 OREO Cookies, finely crushed (about 3 cups)
    • 4 pkg. (4 oz. each) semi-sweet baking chocolate, melted
  • Make it!
    • MIX cream cheese and cookie crumbs until blended.
    • SHAPE into 48 (1-inch) balls. Freeze 10 min. Dip balls in melted chocolate; place in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan.
    • CUSTOMIZE it with your own ingredient additions or decorative skills.
    • REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until firm.
  • Share and enjoy!

Everything you need to make OREO Cookie Balls at Walmart

Since I wanted to customize my OREO Cookie Balls I headed to Walmart.  They have a huge variety of different flavored OREO Cookies and I chose my favorite, the Golden OREOs.  I then picked up strawberry flavored cream cheese.  My thought was that this flavor combination would taste like strawberry cheesecake which is perfect for a party.

Make these fun OREO Cookie Balls for the holidays!

I used my food processor to crush the OREO cookies which made it so easy.  Then I mixed in the cream cheese, rolled them into balls, and popped them into the freezer.  Make sure you put them in the freezer as it makes them easier to dip into the chocolate.

Now for the big twist.   Not only was I making the OREO Cookie Balls as a dessert for the party, I was making it into an edible centerpiece as well!   Crazy right?  Crazy fun!   I had the idea all planned out in my head and had everything I needed on the dining room table.

Everything you need to decorate an edible holiday centerpiece with OREO Cookie Balls

As soon as I pulled the OREO Cookie Balls out of the freezer I stuck a toothpick in each one.   Using the toothpick I dipped each ball into green melted chocolate.   I could have used semi-sweet chocolate like the recipe calls for but I wanted to use green so that it would look like a Christmas tree.   I saved one OREO Cookie Ball to dip in yellow chocolate as the “star” on my tree.

I put them all in the refrigerator to chill while I got all of the things I would need to make and decorate my Christmas tree.   I started with a foam cone as my tree mold. When the OREO Cookie Balls came out of the refrigerator I used the toothpicks and gently pushed them into the cone, forming a tree.   Once the greens ones were around the cone I stuck the one yellow OREO Cookie Ball in the top of the tree cone.   It looked adorable!

The delicious inside of a Strawberry Cheesecake OREO Cookie Ball!

Then I used melted chocolate to decorate my tree.   I used colored chocolate balls and candy lights and “glued” them to the tree with the chocolate.   It turned out awesome!   I set it in the middle of our dining room table for the party and it was a huge hit.   No one wanted to eat the OREO cookie balls because they didn’t want to ruin the centerpiece but as soon as one person took one, they were gone within minutes!   I’m glad I got to eat one and they totally tasted like strawberry cheesecake.   This was such a great idea for an edible holiday centerpiece.

OREO Cookie Balls Edible Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Make an Edible Holiday Centerpiece with OREO Cookie Balls

Yield: 1 tree
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Make a fun and easy edible holiday centerpiece made with OREO Cookie Balls


  • 1 foam cone
  • 35 green covered OREO cookie balls
  • 1 yellow covered OREO cookie ball
  • 1/4 c. melted chocolate
  • colored candy balls
  • candy lights


  1. Place the foam cone on a cake round.
  2. Using the toothpicks placed in the OREO Cookie Balls, gently press them into the foam cone forming a Christmas tree.
  3. When all of the green OREO Cookie balls have been placed in the tree, place the yellow OREO Cookie Ball at the very top for the star.
  4. To decorate the tree simply place a small amount of chocolate on a colored candy ball or candy light and press onto a green OREO Cookie ball. Hold in place for 5-7 seconds or until it sticks.
  5. Once you have finished decorating place in the refrigerator until it's time to use as an edible centerpiece.


A Hezzi-D Original

Make a fun and edible Christmas Tree Centerpiece using OREO Cookie Balls

What fun idea do you have using OREO Cookie Balls this holiday?  If you need some inspiration check out these great ideas using OREO Cookie Balls.


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