Murder on Ice: Enhanced Multimedia Edition

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Bex Levy is a figure skating researcher for the 24/7 television network in Alina Adam’s enhanced multimedia edition e-book Murder on Ice.  This enhanced addition provides several videos of figure skating throughout the book in order for the reader to truly understand what is happening in the story and to give them a visual.  
The World Figure Skating Championships have come to the United States and America’s sweetheart, Erin, is slated to win.  Instead a Russian skater named Xenia takes the gold and leaves Erin in second plate.  Former Olympic champions Diane and Francis Howarth, who are the announcers for 24/7 network, let the world know that they believe Erin should have won the gold.  A controversy begins centering around the lone Italian judge,  Silvana Potenza.
The next morning Silvana is found dead of a tragic accident.  Only Gil, 24/7 network’s producer, doesn’t believe that is was an accident and he lets Bex know that she needs to find the killer if she expects to keep her job for the next season. With experience only in researching, Bex embarks on a journey to reveal who the killer might be.  Is it Xenia’s Russian coach who wants Xenia to keep the gold medal?  Is it Patty, Erin’s mother who also won a silver medal in the World Figure Skating Championships.  Or is it the web designer who seems to have an obsession for Erin?
Bex is in a race against time to find the killer before the skating exhibitions end and the killer is gone forever.
The story is realistic and has some great details about figure skating.  The characters are believable and the video clips really enhance the story.  However, the book moved slowly and every time Bex found a clue it contradicted what she had already found out.  This end of the book was very abrupt and the book was just okay for me.  
I give this book 2 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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