Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

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Are you ever in the kitchen baking something when inspiration hits?  I mean, after you’ve already cooked something.  I’m always having those moments before I cook or bake but they rarely hit after everything is finished.  Today was one of those rare days.

Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Last night I made some fresh banana pudding to use in parfaits and then today I made chocolate hazelnut cookies.  Looking at the jumbo cookies my brain flashed to the pudding.  I wondered if I could freeze it and turn it into ice cream.  I was betting that I could so I placed it in the freezer and several hours later stirred it  up.  A few more hours and ta-da!  Banana ice cream.

Now that I had banana ice cream I set out pairs of cookies and placed the ice cream inside of each pair to make an ice cream sandwich.  I dotted each once with chocolate chips and refroze them in baggies.  These ice cream sandwiches were awesome and way less fat then traditional ice cream!  The banana ice cream was smooth, creamy, and tasted of bananas.  The cookies with chocolatey, firm, and went perfectly with the banana ice cream.  This was such a great impromptu treat!

Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies (a Hezzi-D original)
1 recipe for Banana Pudding (from THIS recipe)
12 Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies (from THIS recipe)
1/2 c. chocolate chips

1.  Four hours before making the ice cream sandwiches place the pudding in a large container and place it in the freezer.  After 1 1/2 hours remove it from the freezer and stir.  Put it back in the freezer for 1 1/2 hours, removing it and stirring it again.  Refreeze it for 1 more hour.
Delicious Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies
2.  Place 6 cookies upside down on your kitchen table or counter.  Place 6 more cookies right side up above each of the cookies.

3.  Remove the banana ice cream from the freezer.  Scoop 1/3 cup of ice cream and place it on a piece of plastic wrap.  Using the plastic wrap, shape the ice cream into a disk slightly smaller then the cookies.  Place on one of the upside down cookie and top with a right side up cookie.  Repeat with remaining cookies.

4.  Working quickly, stir chocolate chips point side in, into the ice cream all around the sandwiches.  Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap or use a plastic baggie like I did.  Refreeze for at least an hour before serving.

5.  If you want to save them for later wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap and then in foil.  Place in a zip top freeze baggie.  Sandwiches can be frozen for up to 1 month.

Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies


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