Beautiful Wild Rose Girl by B. Magnolia

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This is an original fairy tale, appropriate for ages 7 and up: If everyone in the village calls her Beautiful Wild Rose Girl, why does this poor, sad girl live in a Swamp? And why, when she goes to bed every night, does she hear Bullfrogs singing to her: Trooonk! Trooonk! Trooonk! What A Stupid Ugly girl! This is a story about learning to see yourself as the beautiful person you really are. And how sometimes, to break a terrible spell, you need love, the understanding of a pure-hearted shepherd, and the help of a Very Mysterious Moth.  (-synopsis )

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl is the first publication from Mystic World Press.  It is the first of twelve original fairy tales written by B. Magnolia and illustrated by Jamila Keba.    Each book is available in three different forms:  a paper pocketbook, a large soft cover, or a gorgeous Deluxe Hardcover Japanese Book Cloth edition.  All three forms are handmade and beautiful.

The main character in this fairy tale is a girl who lives in near a Swamp.  Everyday she leaves the swamp and walks into a field of roses that she picks to sell in the village.  The girl is sad because she lives alone and fears she is ugly and smells of the swamp.  She has no idea that the men in the village think she is beautiful and call her Beautiful Wild Rose Girl.

One day a poor shepherd boy walks past her in the village and begins dreaming of her.  A mysterious moth lands on the boy, hears his pure thoughts, and vows to help him speak to the beautiful girl.

The next day the boy gets a chance to speak with her and she hears the name he calls her.  She is shocked that he finds her attractive.  She runs back to the swamp to think about things before returning to the village.

The story is similar to a classic fairy tale but underneath the talking frogs and beautiful girl there is the issue of a girl’s self esteem.  Even though people are telling her how beautiful she is all she hears is how ugly she is.  When she finally hears the poor shepherd boy her entire world changes because she realizes that she isn’t ugly and doesn’t smell like the swamp.

I think this is a beautiful story that would be great to read to girls (and boys!) of all ages.  It’s a great lesson in self esteem and appreciating both your outer and inner beauty.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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