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Amber is a werewolf who always knew she was different.  She didn’t have the ability to change into a wolf until well past the age most female wolves change.  Plus she’s been on the run since childhood living in hotels, working in bars, and keeping herself hidden from the other werewolves of the world.

Everything changes when Amber witnesses a car accident and finds the man trapped inside to be her teenage crush, Blake.  She saves his life but then runs from the only werewolf she trusts in the world.  He finds her the next day and they realize their love for each other and mate.

Amber soon learns mating isn’t everything she thought it would be, especially when her mate is the leader of a werewolf pack.  When a member of the pack is kidnapped but another local pack Amber must decide whether she should flee as her mind is telling her too or if she should stay with the man she loves and show their pack her special abilities.

This book took me a while to get into but once it got rolling it was an easy read.  I enjoyed the action, the fighting, and learning about the werewolves and their pack.  There are several sex scenes in the book as well.  I enjoyed the first one but the next few were more of the same and ended up feeling stale.

The main story of Amber choosing whether or not to stay with her mate Blake or whether to run is what kept me reading the book.  Her emotions were real and as she tried to decide she learned a lot about herself in the process.  While I enjoyed the story and liked what eventually happened in the book, I felt like the end was rushed.  A lot happened in the last 30 pages and most of it was not believable.  Many new details of Amber’s life come out and there’s too much filled in at the end.

Overall, readers that enjoy paranormal stories will most likely enjoy this light, easy read.

I give this book 3 out 5 stars.

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