Dark Side of the Moon by Ahmed Taylor

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   The book opens with a man waking up from a dream unable to move.  We don’t know who he is or where he is but when his eyes close the statement he hears in his head is Why is it so dark in here?  Soon after government agent Derrick Thomas awakes from a dream to find his researcher father left him a message asking him for help.  When Derrick goes to his father’s office to give him what he asks for he finds his father hasn’t been there in 5 months.

     Soon Derrick is hunting for friends of his father’s to help him.  Each person gives him a little more information but soon after he leaves them they are killed.  Derrick also learns that his sister, Jeanie, is missing as well.  He struggles to find out what the government could have done with them and where they can be.  When he returns home late after searching for them he finds his mother gone as well.  He wants to look for him but his eyes close and all he hears is the reoccurring theme of Why is it so dark in here?

     Derrick is in a race against time to find out where his family is and what the new project is the government is working on.  Everyone he has spoken to has ended up dead…will he be next?

    The beginning of the book had me confused.  I wasn’t sure who the man in the opening was or why the book suddenly shifted to Derrick.  About a third of the way through several chapters were dedicated to Jeanie’s early life.  While they were interesting they didn’t seem to fit in at that point in the book.

    I will say that I was intrigued by the book and it was a quick and easy read.  After reading about two thirds of the way through I knew what was going to happen at the end but I wanted to make sure.  The ending turned out similar to what I thought but there were so many unanswered questions.  I felt as though I read the entire book and then many things went unanswered.  The writing was just ok and there was a lot of excess punctuation throughout the book.

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.  

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