The Darkening Dream by Andy Gavin

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     In 1913 Salem, Massachusetts, teenager Sarah begins having horrifying visions that begin coming true.  She first sees a vision of death when meeting a teenage boy for the first time.  The next day the boy ends up dead.  Scared, Sarah confides in her best friends, twins Sam and Anna, and her new friend, Greek immigrant Alex.

     When the group of teens find out that their friend was killed by a vampire they set off on an adventure to stop him.  Along the way they learn that the vampire is after holy trumpet of the Archangel Gabriel and only they can stop him.  On their adventure they are up against an ancient vampire, a warlock who is the head of a local church, and Egyptian gods.  On their side is Sarah’s father, a local rabbi, and Alex’s grandfather, a vampire hunter.  The winning side will have control of Gabriel’s trumpet which is set to announce The End of Days.

      Throughout the book their is an underlying tone of various religions.  The author addresses the religions, their customs, and their feelings about the supernatural.  It brings a very real feeling to the book and helped establish why the different characters are feeling the way they do when encountering the vampire.

      The characters are very well written.  Their personalities and views on the world are steady throughout the book and I was able to connect with all of them.  Even with the attraction between Sarah and Alex it is more the stolen glances and gentle touches then it is lust.

       While this is a vampire novel, the book wasn’t typical of today’s young adult vampire novels.  The vampire in this book was ancient and mysterious.  He is a traditional vampire that turns into a bat, sleeps in a coffin, and uses his sharp teeth to torture those who get in his way.  I was glad to see he wasn’t a gorgeous, young looking vampire that the female main character falls for in so many of today’s young adult books.

       This is a very well written book that includes a lot of detail in order to captivate the audience.  I would recommend it to any young adult who enjoys vampires and adventure and wants to get away from the cheesy vampire/human romances so many young adult books have.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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