DIY Christmas Wreath

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Welcome to Day 8 of the 12 Days of Christmas!   Today I’m going to show you how to make your own unique holiday wreath to hang on your front door or in your home.  I love the look of Christmas Wreaths on front doors but whenever I go shopping for them I’m never thrilled with the ones I find.   They are either too big, too small, have the wrong colors, or just don’t look right.   Plus, don’t even get me started on the cost of store bought wreaths!  Most start around $25 and they go up from there.

DIY Christmas Wreath is easy to make and cheaper then store bought!

A few days before Thanksgiving I walked into Michael’s and found they were having a half off sale on all of their Christmas decorating supplies.   I was thrilled because I’d been wanting to make a wreath for my door.   I made one last year and while I really, really loved it, it was a little small for the door in our house.   This year I was determined to make a beautiful wreath for the door that was the perfect size and fit my vision.

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The first thing to do is choose a wreath size.   Wreaths come in so many different sizes it’s hard to choose.   I chose a medium size wreath and was excited to see it was only $7.99.   I had priced wreaths at other craft stores and most started at $15.  Plus, since it was half off my wreath only cost $4!

DIY Christmas Wreath

The next thing to do is choose a color scheme.   Since we have an aluminum Christmas tree I had to chose a theme inside the house that went with the silver of the tree.  My favorite colors just happen to be blue and silver so that is how our tree is decorated.   It also happened to be our wedding colors so we must just really like the blue and silver combination.

Head over to the Christmas ornaments and buy a package of small Christmas bulbs.   I bought a package of different colored blue balls and a package of silver balls.  Then I went down the aisle with the wreath decorations.   I choose several different styles of decorations in light blue, dark blue, and silver.   I then picked out a blue present and a blue sparkly pine cone.  I finished by choosing several red berries to add a pop of color to the wreath.

Create your own Christmas Wreath!

The last thing I purchased was a silver ribbon to place at the bottom of my wreath.  I lay everything out on my table, hot glued it to the wreath, and after about 30 minutes I had a beautiful custom wreath for my door!  This simple wreath cost me under $20 and it’s exactly what I was looking for.   Plus it’s a good feeling when people compliment me on it and I can tell them I made it myself.

DIY Christmas Wreath is easy to make and cheaper then store bought!

DIY Christmas Wreath

Making a custom wreath is as easy as choosing a color scheme and owning a hot glue gun!


  • 1 wreath
  • 2 colors of Christmas balls
  • Decorations to match the Christmas balls
  • Extra decorations such as presents, birds, or pine cones
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue


  1. Begin by placing your wreath on top of newspaper on a sturdy table.
  2. Take the CHristmas balls and lay them on the wreath with the top sticking into the wreath. Place them all over the wreath wherever you would like them.
  3. Next, take the decorations and start filling in the bare spots n your wreath until you are happy with the look.
  4. Finish off by placing the extra decorations in the appropriate spots.
  5. Heat up your hot glue gun. Carefully start on one size of the wreath and begin gluing everything to the wreath. Be careful not to disturb the placement of the other decorations as you are removing items to glue.
  6. Once everything is secured on the wreath it's time to make the bow. Tie a bow or glue the loops into place. Carefully glue the bow onto the top or bottom of your wreath. Allow the wreath to sit for 5 minutes before picking it up.
  7. Hang the wreath on a door or over the fireplace for a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Beautiful DIY Christmas Wreath


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