Eight Days to Live (Book Review)

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     I ordered the audio CD for the novel Eight Days to Live by Iris Johansen at the end of May. Unfortunately it came on this new little device with its’ own ear buds that didn’t work. The library informed me that they didn’t have any other audios of this book but they would find it for me down state. Three weeks later the CD’s arrived at the library. It was a week before my wedding so I listened to as much as I could, but had to return them the day I got back from the honeymoon, as it was an inter-state library loan. I then found that my own library system had purchased the book and I put it on hold. I just got the book yesterday and finally finished it, after starting it last month.

     The question is…was it worth it? The answer: I think it was. This fast paced thriller is one in the Eve Duncan forensics thriller series. I’ve read a few other books in this series and they were mainly about Eve Duncan and her forensic work. This book took the series to a whole new level and focused more on the Jane, Eve’s adopted daughter.

     In the book Jane is being stalked by a religious cult because of one of her paintings. The cult wants to make Jane their sacrifice at the Offering ceremony which takes place in eight days, hence the name of the book. The story brings in characters that we are already familiar with from earlier books. There is Jock Gavin the assassin, Seth Caleb the mind reader, and John MacDuff the warrior. All three men work together to try and keep the cult from finding Jane and offering her as a sacrifice to Judas.

     I think this book is better then her previous two or three. It brings in some of the old characters we love, and gets away from focusing on just Eve and her husband Joe. The religious cult aspect is an interesting look into the Bible and history. This book was action packed and easy to read. There were possibly a few too many killings to make it believable, but it was still entertaining and left me wanting to read the next in the series.

I give this book 3 ½ out of 5 stars.

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