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Recently I started looking for a holiday gift for my dad.   He’s so hard to shop for so I always have trouble doing this.   The things he likes that I tend to buy him are books, teas, and things for golfing.

Three tea bags above a tea infuser and three tea bags underneath it, all in different colors.

When I was looking at teas I recently came across Ekön Tea which is targeted to men.  Ekön offers a selection of premium loose leaf tea blends with amazing health benefits for men. They are crafted with select herbs like hibiscus, ginger, cinnamon, and green tea.  

Before I bought these for my dad I wanted to try them for myself.   There are several different blends to choose from so I went for The Sampler Pack.

A mug of red tea with a tea infuser sitting it.

The Sampler Pack includes 6 different tea blends and a tea infuser.   Each packet of loose leaf tea included has 5 servings in it so in total I could make 30 different cups of tea.  Included in the Sample Pack are:

  • Pound Hacker — A tea blend for energy and weight loss.   This blend helps to accelerate the metabolism. It provides you with the energy while promoting digestive health and weight management.
  • Clean Machine — A tea blend designed to cleanse your body of environmental toxins. This is great after a night of drinking or after you’ve gone out and eaten everything in sight. Clean Machine is a great detox tea.
  • Dayholic — This tea blend is the best tea for energy.  It includes Yerba Mate, Black Tea, Cinnamon, Cocoa Nibs, and a few other ingredients like herbs traditionally used for increasing stamina and helps to oxygenate the blood, improve circulation, and increase energy and focus.
  • PM Charger — A tea blend for late nights this tea was formulated to help with digestion.   It will also give you a small boost of energy without sacrificing your ability to fall asleep later on.   This one is best to drink between lunch and dinner to help your body & mind functioning optimally.
  • Unplug — This tea blend has ingredients used to calm and sooth the body. It’s a delicious blend that is naturally caffeine-free and perfect for relaxation.
  • Bulldozer — Need to level up your energy?  This delicious and refreshing tea blend is packed with all-natural ingredients like tea, ginger, cinnamon, and peach pieces and will provide you with the energy you need to keep you going.

A hand pulling a tea infuser out of a ruby red mug of tea.

I’ve tried three of the blends and I like the way they all taste.  The tea infuser makes it simple to make a cup of tea in a snap.  I’ve had other infusers in the past that don’t have a fine mesh on them so the tea leaves get all over my cup but that isn’t the case with this one.

Since I enjoyed the teas I tasted I knew that my dad would too so I ordered him a sampler pack!   If you are just looking for one of these blends you can purchase them in bags that have 30 servings in them. 

A collection of 5 tea bags in different colors surrounding a tea infuser.

The male-specific health benefits derived from Ekön Tea blends are downright amazing so why not give them a try today?   You’ll be glad you did!

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