Balanced Snack Ideas with Alpine Lace Deli Cheese

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I’m a special education teacher and while I enjoy my job and the happiness my students bring me, I’m often exhausted by lunch time.  I eat on the last lunch shift so my morning ends up being long and tiring.   In years past I’ve grabbed a can of soda and a bag of chips mid-morning to help get me to lunch time.  In recent months I’ve given up soda and have been looking for filling and healthy snacks to fill me up.  I find that snacks with high quality and wholesome ingredients, like Alpine Lace Deli Cheese and fresh fruits, not only make me feel full, they energize me so I can help my students be the best learners they can be.

Alpine Lace Balanced Snacks

In addition to energizing my mind, I’ve been better about exercising and energizing my body.  My favorite exercise is Zumba which is a cardio dance class.  I burn a ton of calories and feel refreshed after a great workout.  I usually hit the gym after work so I need a snack that is quick and easy to fuel me throughout my workout.  There are several easy snacks ideas that I can make at home or at work and eat on the go.   I pick up the ingredients on Sunday, stock my classroom refrigerator on Monday, and have balanced snacks all week long.


Keeping healthy snacks in my refrigerator is also great for my students.  Some of my students come to school later and don’t have a chance to eat breakfast so I’m happy to share whatever snacks I have on hand and I feel good knowing that they are enjoying a balanced breakfast instead of a sugar filled cereal bar.   They also enjoy having something different to munch on before they go to class and have a day filled with learning.

Are you looking for quick and balanced snack ideas to fuel you and your children?   I’ve got several delicious combinations all based around several readily available ingredients including Alpine Lace Deli Cheese, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables.

Alpine Lace healthy wraps from Hezzi-D's Books and Cooks

1.  Alpine Lace Deli Cheese wrapped with thinly sliced turkey breast and apple slices.  The turkey is a good source of protein and apples are rich in antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber.  Most varieties of Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese are reduced fat, perfect for snacking on the go or adding delicious flavor to your favorite sandwich. Its great taste comes from high-quality ingredients, and it provides a good source of protein and calcium.

Alpine Lace Balanced Snakcs

2.  Fruit and Cheese Kabobs.    Using a thin pretzel stick as a skewer, it’s fun for kids to alternate green grapes and Alpine Lace Deli Cheese.   It’s also a great way to teach patterns to kids!

Balanced Bento with hummus, Alpine Lace Deli cheese, fresh berries, and carrots.

3.  Bento Boxes.   These containers with multiple storage spaces are perfect for packing in the morning and carrying with you on the go.  One of my favorite Bento Boxes includes fresh berries, Alpine Lace Deli Cheese, carrots, and hummus.  The cheese is a great source of calcium, the berries contain antioxidants, the carrots have beta-carotene, and the hummus packs protein.   This is a delicious and balanced snack that can be eaten throughout the day.

alpine lace snacks 3

4.  Turkey, cheese, and cucumber roll-ups.  A slice of turkey breast, a slice of Alpine Lace Deli Cheese, and a few thinly sliced cucumber spears makes a filling and healthy snack option that can be eaten on the go.

These are the snacks to keep me fueled throughout my days so I can enjoy the “life ingredients” that make me happy and healthy.

Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese helps fuel your busy day, providing you the energy and deliciousness to prepare you for your next adventure. Share your adventure and life ingredients on your personal Facebook page and be sure to “like” Alpine Lace®.

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  1. All of your lunch ideas look great! I pinned it so I could remember to try a few of them. Thanks for sharing some wonderful ideas.

  2. I suffer from the “grab a soda and a bag of chips”-syndrome also! It just seems there is no time to get something healthy and good for me. Better to eat something unhealthy but fast. But I have been getting worried about the health issues this is causing me, and will cause me in the future. And planning the meals ahead seems like the right way to go. Better to have something healthy in the fridge waiting, like you said.

  3. These are all great snack and lunch ideas for the kids. These are a fun way to do grain free. Thanks for sharing. I’m stumbling this today.

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