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Last year we didn’t do much for Halloween because J was only 2 months old.   Sure we had a few cute costumes that we dressed him up in and took photos.  He had a chef’s outfit and an Elvis outfit and they were both adorable.  However, during trick or treating he was sleeping so my husband stayed in the bedroom with him while he slept while I kept the door open and handed out candy.

Chef costume

This year is a little different.  J is 14 months and we can actually do a few things to celebrate Halloween.  I’m going to tell you how we plan on celebrating Halloween this year then I’m going to give you a few ideas on How to Celebrate Halloween with a Toddler.

Elvis costume

To start with I actually decorated outside this year.  I didn’t do too much but I bought a few mums, a Halloween sign for the door, and put a few ghost and pumpkins signs in the yard.  J sat outside with me while I decorated and seemed to enjoy himself.

On the actual day of Halloween J is going to dress up and come to my work.  I know this is different then most people but I work in an elementary school so I always dress up and walk in our Halloween parade.  This year J and I have matching costumes and will walk in the parade together.

Dress up for Halloween

Halloween night we plan on dressing him up and taking him to 5 or 6 houses of people we know around the neighborhood.  Then we’ll come back home and pass out candy.  I think he will get a kick out of seeing all the kids in their costumes.  He really likes other kids right now so I think it will be fun for him.

J as Jack Jack

So what are some ways you can celebrate Halloween with your little one?  I have 7 ideas for how to Celebrate Halloween with your toddler.

Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkins are fun

This one is easy.  Toddlers like to get messy so why not buy a pumpkin and have your toddler help you dig out the pumpkin guts?   While they won’t actually be able to help you carve the pumpkin they can either tell you what they want it to look like or just enjoy watching you carve it.

Attend a local Trunk or Treat

Attend a trunk or treat

Don’t want to drag your little one around in the dark through the neighborhood?   Trunk or Treating is getting more and more popular.  They hold them at local stores, schools, libraries, and other places.  This is a great place to take a toddler for trick or treating because they don’t have to walk very far, the adults handing out candy are often parents, and you can be done quickly if your little one doesn’t have a long attention span.

Attend Zoo Boo

GO to a zoo boo

Many local zoos are now hosting Zoo Boos.   These events are generally geared towards younger children so they are not very scary.  During these events kids can dress up, get candy, see the animals, and participate in activities for the whole family.  This is a great event for the entire family.

Check your local library

Go to the library

Libraries often host Halloween events before Halloween.   Check out their online calendars for events.   I know our local library has a Halloween party where kids can dress up, go to Halloween story time, get a treat bag, and make a few crafts.  Other libraries simply have Halloween story time but this would be great for toddlers.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Carve Jack-O-Lanterns

Find a local farm with a pumpkin patch and head there as a family.   Toddlers can often pick their own pumpkins and then enjoy some other activities.   There might be hayrides, warm apple cider, and crafts for toddlers.

Make a Halloween Themed Treat

Make a treat for Halloween

There are so many different DIY treat ideas. You could make Mummy Rice Krispies Treats, Halloween Harvest Mix, Monster Apples, or Halloween Haystacks.   These are all easy and fun recipes that your toddler can help make (and eat!)  For more ideas check out Pinterest.

Go to a Halloween Parade

Toddlers might enjoy watching a Halloween parade.   Almost every town has some type of local parade for Halloween whether it is for a sports team or the town or a large city.   Check your local paper or City Hall to see if there is a parade nearby.   This will give toddlers a chance to dress up if they want and they can look at all the kids costumes.  Some of the parades event throw candy.

What are you doing with your toddler this Halloween?

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