I Believe in Werewolves: An Anthology of Wolfen Terror

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     I Believe in Werewolves:  An Anthology of Wolfen Terror is a collection of short stories that all revolve around the world of werewolves.  There are nineteen wolf driven stories in this collection, each by a different author.  Some of the stories are very short while others are longer.  A few of the stories gave me goosebumps but most of them were just good, quick reads.

     Surprisingly the stories in this collection are vastly different.  In one story a couple adopts a sweet little boy only to realize that every full moon he turns into a werewolf and they must find a way to contain him in order to survive.  Another story revolves around a group of military men in Germany who are called Werewolves.  Little do the men know that the name of their unit is what they soon will become.

      Other stories revolve more around the lore of the werewolves.  In one story the werewolves are from a Native American tribe trying to reclaim their ancestors land.  Another story speaks of how the wolves need a ball of energy in order to come into existence.

      The stories in this collection were easy and fun to read.  I liked some better then others but overall they were interesting and all involved the werewolves.  If you are a paranormal lover this would be a great collection of stories to read.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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