The Jinx by D. F. Lamont

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     The Jinx by D.F Lamont is a short novel about a 13 year boy named Stephen who is certain he is a jinx.  On the first day of eighth grade he has an accident involving his bicycle and after that it’s all down hill.  He begins getting in trouble at school, there’s a car accident involving Stephen, his mother, and his brother, and the last straw is the fire in the garage.

     Fearing that the jinx will hurt his family Stephen knows he needs to leave and hope that his bad luck follows him.  He takes a trip hoping to go to a cabin that he knows about but he is soon side tracked by strange creatures in the night and is rescued by a group of people known as the Chaons who seem nice but who end up wanting Stephen for their own uses. This short novel is fast paced and action packed leading up to his role in the chaos of the world.

      I enjoyed this book and it took me less then an hour to read it.  Stephen is a likable character who just falls in to being a jinx.  He loves his family and wants to get his curse away from them.  He is brave, smart, and caring.  I think teenagers, especially teenage boys, would enjoy this average, everyday hero.

I give this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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