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With the holidays almost here do you find yourself making the same old dish every year?   In my family it’s always turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas.  This year I think it’s high time we make a change and have a holiday roast instead!  Are you intimidated by making a beef roast?   I was until I tried Certified Angus Beef Brand’s Roast Perfect app.   The app is easy to use, gives you an idea of how much beef to cook for a crowd, and even has a roast timer!   I’ve now made three roasts with this app and they’ve come out perfectly every time.

All of my friends at Certified Angus Beef and Sunday Supper

Why am I so excited about beef roasts?   Well if you follow me on Instagram (@hezzid) I’m sure you noticed that I was lucky enough to go with 19 of my Sunday Supper friends to Certified Angus Beef Brand’s Culinary and Education Center in Wooster, Ohio.   We did a lot of beef tasting but we also did a lot of learning.   I learned everything from cuts of beef to making the perfect sauce to photographing the perfect piece of beef.

Try the Roast Perfect app for perfect beef every time!

Speaking of Certified Angus Beef, let’s take a minute to talk about why it’s different from all the other beef.  Certified Angus Beef® brand is the most select beef on the market.   They have 10 standards that each cut of beef must meet.   This means that Certified Angus Beef® will always be flavorful and delicious.  If you are wondering why the meat is so flavorful it’s all about the marbling.

See how Certified Angus Beef comapres

Now I know what you are thinking, isn’t all that marbling just adding fat to my beef?   The simple answer is not always.  The complicated answer is that there are 29 lean cuts of beef and they all have some degree of marbling.  I’m not talking about the fat layer on the outside either, I’m talking about that wonderful marbling right there in the meat of the beef.  While it may add a small amount of additional fat, it’s adding a ton of additional flavor.

Chef Ashley shows us how to trim the beef

The Perfect Cut:  When choosing a beef roast the cut is important.   I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t know a whole lot about the cuts of beef and usually leave it up to my husband.  Chef Michael and Chef Ashley took us into the meat lab and showed us 7 different types of beef roasts, how to trim them, and talked about the best way to cook them.  After my weekend with Certified Angus Beef® brand I was able to go out and choose two different beef roasts for two different occasions.  I trimmed both of them up and cooked them to perfection.

Choose the best cut of Certified Angus Beef for you!

What’s the Temperature?  Do you want to know one of the most important tips I learned from the pro chefs?   Use a thermometer.  That’s right!   People and chefs who tell you they go by feel are just plain wrong.   While you can feel the beef and get an idea of what temperature it is, there is no substitution for a thermometer.  I know people who say if you use a thermometer all of the juices will run out of the beef but they are wrong.  It’s all a myth.  That tiny little hole will seal itself up within a few seconds and all that lovely juice will still be in the middle of your roast.

Check the temperature of your beef

Season the Beef!  After choosing a roast it’s important to season it before it goes in the oven.   With Certified Angus Beef® brand roasts all they really need is fresh ground black pepper and kosher salt.  However, if you are looking for something a with a little more flavor be sure to check out the Roast Perfect app for plenty of delicious recipes including rubs.  We had some fun with the chefs mixing up our very own seasoning blends.   I’ve used the Orleans Pepper Rub I made ( red, white, and black pepper, onion powder, and salt) and it added a great kick to the roast.  It’s all about the combination of flavors.  Be your own flavor scientist and put together a few of your favorite herbs and spices!

Executive Chef Peter

Get Saucy with it!  After cooking the roast you may want to go with a sauce for the beef.  Chef Tony took us into the test kitchen and showed us how to make a quick sauce and a quick gravy for the beef.  I learned a few things about making pan sauce and that less is often more when it comes to a delicious sauce to accompany a beef roast.  He also shared with us flavors he’s gotten to know from around the world.  Such a cool experience!

Chef Tony shows us how to make a great sauce

After learning all about how to cook the perfect roast we then had sessions to learn about making the beef look camera ready and the actual styling of the beef.   Chef Michael gave us some insider secrets on how to make the beef look more appealing on the plate.  Then Mark showed us his set up, talked about putting a few interesting objects in the frame as well as complimentary colors, and taking the photos.  His camera is tethered to his computer which I would love to be able to do but for now I just look on the tiny little screen.  But, after learning all of these tips and techniques I went home and put them to good use.   Check out my before and after pictures using the tips!   What a difference!

My Certified Angus Beef Brand Roasts

Going to Certified Angus Beef® brand Education and Culinary Center was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I got to share it with 19 of my closest Sunday Supper friends.  I learned a lot and I really feel like the people and chefs at Certified Angus Beef® brand aren’t just part of the brand, but my friends.   As if the entire weekend wasn’t magical enough, Santa Claus showed up after our delicious live Sunday Supper and shared a meal with us.

Could this Certified Angus Beef roast be any more gorgeous???

I really hope you’ll try a Certified Angus Beef® brand roast this holiday season and don’t forget to use the Roast Perfect app...you’ll be glad you did!

Charcuterie Platter at Certified Angus Beef Brand


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