Night Walker by Aaron L. Speer

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Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets Book 1)

A young woman named Alexandra “Alex” Hensley discovers Sydney is hiding a very dark secret, a revelation that will challenge all she knows and endanger all she loves. Sinister forces, charged with keeping the secret for over two hundred years discover her knowledge and set out to fulfill their duty.
The truth will not set you free.

Night Walker

Alex and Lauren are two single women sharing an apartment.    Alex is a school teacher with a steady boyfriend of three years.   While she’s responsible during the day she loves to have fun at night.   Her roommate, Lauren, is a crazy party girl who loves to go out and have fun.   When she has her mind set on a man, she gets what she wants.    What she wants now is Dante.

Dante isn’t like anyone the girls have ever met.   He’s handsome, he’s polite, he’s sexy, and he owns the hottest club in Sydney.  From the beginning I could tell Dante wasn’t an ordinary man.   He seemed to glide on the air, always there when someone needed him.  As much as Lauren tries to get his attention, he only has eyes for Alex.

Meanwhile, Alex and Matt are having relationship trouble.  He wants her to stop seeing Dante and she swears they are just friends.   Lauren is mad at her as well and runs into the arms of Ryan, another man who isn’t what he seems.

Suddenly life turns upside down for Alex as she learns that vampires are real.  Will Alex be able to accept the vampire world or will she soon become a part of it?

I really liked this book.   Alex is a fun loving woman who got the short end of the boyfriend stick.   While Matt seems like a good guy in the beginning, he soon turns out to not care about anyone but himself.  I was rooting for Alex to see how horribly Matt was treating her and finally break up with him.   Alex is smart, loyal, and brave.   She was a believable character.

Lauren was another believable character but one that I didn’t like as much.  She was the classic party girl who was always out looking for her next man.   While she loves Alex and wants her to be happy, she also wants to be happy herself.  She’s used to getting her way and when it doesn’t happen she throws a royal fit.

Then there’s Dante.   He oozed sex from the moment he stepped on the scene.  Rich, good looking, and totally infatuated with Alex.   He’s always there when she needs him and if he can’t be, his “personal assistant” Michelle is there for her.  The problem is Dante has a secret.  He’s been waiting to tell Alex since she was just a child and now that they have become friends he is anxious for her to know the truth.

The development of the characters in this book was fabulous.  I felt like I knew them all.  There’s also a lot of drama in the story from Matt and Alex fighting to Dante and Alex growing closer, to Lauren and Ryan heating things up.

In between the normal love and romance is a vampire war going on.   Two old enemies are looking for a way to destroy each other but neither can strike first.   Soon Alex, Lauren, and Matt are caught up in the middle without even knowing it.

There’s also some blood and gore.   You can’t have a vampire novel without a few people dying and some blood being shed.

From start to finish I couldn’t wait to get back to this book and find out what would happen with Dante and Alex.  The great news is that this is the first in a series and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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