Scary School by Derek the Ghost

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      Somewhere in the United States is Scary School; the first school for humans and monsters together.  Scary School by Derek the Ghost and illustrated by Scott M. Fischer details one full year at Scary School.  The kids at the school are getting ready for the Ghoul Games but preparing for them means surviving the year at Scary School.

       In this book you’ll meet the staff of the school.  There’s Ms. Fang, an 850 year old vampire whose bite is much worse then her bark.  Then there’s Mr. Snakeskin, the science teacher who can teach anatomy in a way the kids will never forget.  Mrs. T. is a sweet T-Rex in a blue dress who can turn deadly if you are in her detention hall at lunch time.  Dr. Dragonbreath is the toughest teacher in the school; read his fifth rule and you’ll be gone in a puff of fire.

       The narrator of the book is Derek the Ghost.  He was just a regular kid at Scary School until a science experiment got out of control and left him as a ghost.  The school year starts with a human, Charlie Nukid, making some new friends at the school.  His friends include Peter the werewolf, Johnny the Sasquatch, Petunia the girl who makes flowers, and many other interesting students!

       This book had me captivated from the beginning.  I can easily see children and young adults getting sucked into the world of Scary School and wanting to read more.  The kids at the school are normal in most ways but some of them have some very scary hidden talents.  The tales of the students and teachers at Scary School are a little bit gross, a little bit scary, and a whole lot funny!  This book is sure to keep middle and high school students engaged and laughing until the very end.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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