Spread Cheer with Holiday Cookies

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While many people think the holidays are a magical time when everyone is happy and having a great time a lot of people are actually pretty stressed at the holidays.  There’s all the Christmas shopping to be done, money to be spent, decorations to be used, cookies to be baked, and parties to attend.  While these are all fun things to do, sometimes the holidays can be a little stressful.

A simple gift of Betty Crocker Cookies and Hot Cocoa Cones help Spread Cheer

Since I’m an elementary school teacher I know how hard the month of December can be for my fellow teachers.  That’s why I invited a few of my friends and their kids over to make cookies to help spread the cheer at school.  Since their children go to my school I knew their teachers could use some holiday cheer…especially coming in the form of cookies!

Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes are available at Kroger

Before baking the cookies I ran to Kroger to gather what I needed.  I bought a few bags of Betty Crocker cookie mix, hot cocoa mix, and mini marshmallows.  I figured we could make baskets filled with Betty Crocker cookies and packages of hot cocoa mix along with the marshmallows.

The actual baking was easy.   We put on some Christmas music, whipped up a batch of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies and another batch of Betty Crocker sugar cookies.  Initially we were going to cut the sugar cookies out and decorate them but in the end we just made drop sugar cookies then put sprinkles on them when they came out of the oven.  I will say that I’m pretty sure we ate as many cookies as they were coming out of the oven as we put on the cooling racks but that’s all part of the fun of holiday baking.

Betty Crocker Cookies help Spread Cheer this holiday season

Once the cookies were cool we started packaging them up.   I had bought little baskets that would fit two stack of cookies along with two hot chocolate cones.   I had the kids put the cookies in stacks of 5 and put them in Christmas zip top baggies.   We then tied the cute cookie tags on them.  You can find the holiday cookie tags at Betty Crocker’s Spread Cheer page.  You can’t see them too well once they were in the basket but they looked perfect with the cookies.

Make a gift basket including Betty Crocker Cookies to help Spread Cheer

Then we took cone shaped baggies and poured in 2 packages of the hot cocoa mix along with 1/4 cup of marshmallows.  I tied them up with red and green ribbon and we had cute packages for our hot cocoa.  The entire package was adorable and I knew the teachers would love them.  After all, I’d love to receive one during December!

Package cookies in holiday plastic baggies to deliver to friends

The next day the kids took their baskets to school and gave them to their teachers to help Spread Cheer.  The teachers loved them and the kids were thrilled as well.   So not only did the kids Spread Cheer to their teachers but I’m pretty sure I helped Spread Cheer to the kids too.

Get the kids to help make cookies to Spread Cheer this holiday

Do you want to help #SpreadCheer this holiday season?   Make sure you stop by the Betty Crocker Spread Cheer page to save 50 cents when you buy 1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix.   Then simply your kids together, make some cookies, use the fun printables, and take over your cookies to #SpreadCheer this holiday season.

Spread Cheer with Betty Crocker Cookies and Hot Cocoa!




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