The Light in the Shadows: a Memoir

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The Light in the Shadows: a Memoir by Kira Bell

How does a forty-something recently divorced over-educated sexually naïve suburban mother of three find herself voluntarily tied to the bed of a near-stranger wielding a knife?
And liking it?

Kira’s memoir tells the true romance of her path to perversion—and love—as she balances single motherhood with dating. “The Light in the Shadows” is a real life example of how a normal every woman/every mom reader could find herself not just fantasizing about kink, but actually doing it.

Appealing to readers of Fifty Shades of Grey yet with true life kink scenes, The Light in the Shadows reveals what it’s really like to become involved with a man who is dominant in play, with explicit descriptions of authentic kinky sex. Kira’s admirer uses a plethora of toys to show her just how erotic BDSM play can be. He sets no requirements, and her submission is solely in service of the sexy.

At first Kira resists becoming emotionally attached to her BDSM mentor. As if kinky were not edgy enough, the man guiding her on this adventure is also polyamorous. As her physical journey takes her deeper into the shadows, her emotional journey proves no less perilous. Can she overcome jealousy as she learns to endure physical pain? Does she want to? Can she reconcile her feminism with submission? Her kinky desires with motherhood? As she becomes entangled in love, no less than in the bondage ropes, she is forced to question everything she thought she knew about relationships, and ultimately, about herself. (-synopsis)

The Light in the Shadows

The book begins with Kira looking for something after her divorce.   She finds a man to date in her office but it isn’t much of a romance.  They have drinks, they laugh, they have sex in the office.   But it was just office sex…that’s not kinky is it?   That’s the question Kira asks herself and rejects.

Then she tries an online dating site and asks for someone adventurous.   She gets more then she bargained for with the handsome stranger who takes her home.  Instead of taking her to the bedroom he sets her on the couch and grabs a knife.   It’s scary and erotic all wrapped up into one and the night is one to remember.

Soon Kira is thrown into the world of BDSM.   She learns what she likes and what she doesn’t.  She learns her new man has other girlfriends and she doesn’t really care.  She learns that while there is pain, sometimes it breeds a pleasure so deep she isn’t sure her release will be enough to get it all out.

So begins her love of whips, bondage, and a polyamorous relationship.   Kira, the divorcee with children, is now a kinky woman.  Find out about all of her adventures in the bedroom in this sexy memoir.

I give this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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