10 Creative Cocktails for Valentine’s Day

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When most people think about Valentine’s Day they think of chocolate, candy, and sweets.   It’s traditionally what people get on this holiday or what they make for it.  The stores are full of pink, red, white, and purple treats and plenty of Valentine’s Day cards.

Pin Image:  Text, a glasses with a layered cocktail of red, yellow, and white, a red martini in a glass, 4 glasses filled with red punch, an ice cream cocktail in a martini glass, and a red cocktail in a martini glass.

However, many of the Valentine’s Day cards and treats are for those who are married or dating or the grade school children.  These are the people that buy the candies and chocolates.  So what about everyone else who wants to celebrate this holiday?

Galentine’s Day has been gaining popularity in recent years.  This is a holiday where females can celebrate their friendships with each other.  Whether you are married, dating, engaged, or single, any woman can participate in this holiday and what’s a girl’s night out without cocktails?

I’m sharing 10 Creative Cocktails for Valentine’s Day this week.   These are perfect for a couple sharing a romantic dinner, for parents enjoying a quiet drink after the kids are in bed, or a bunch of friends who just want to celebrate their friendship.  There’s always room for a cocktail!


10 Creative Cocktails for Valentine's Day

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