Blueberry Lemonade

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I’ve been having fun lately with mixing up flavored beverages.  No, I’m not talking about adult beverages, just simple, flavorful drinks that the whole family can enjoy.  So when I picked up a couple of pints of blueberries the other day my mind immediately went to lemonade.  I could picture the light lavender color of lemonade mixed with blueberries.

Refreshing lemonade with blueberries and mint.

When I got home from the store I went directly to the kitchen.  At first I blended a few blueberries in the blender thinking I’d pour them into the lemonade, but I didn’t want the blueberry pieces in the drink.  Then I started thinking about how I muddle limes, sugar, and mint for mojitos and just went with that theory.  I muddled blueberries, sugar, mint, and lemon juice then poured over ice.

The blueberry lemonade was a gorgeous light purple and tasted so refreshing.  It was sweet and tart and the hint of mint really added something special.  I’m fairly certain I’ll be making pitchers of these next summer!

Blueberry Lemonade (a Hezzi-D original)
1/4 c. blueberries
3 T. sugar
3 T. lemon juice
1 T. mint leaves

1.  In a small bowl combine the blueberries, sugar, lemon juice, and mint leaves.  Muddle with the end of a wooden spoon until the berries have burst.

2.  Fill a tall glass with ice and strain the blueberry mixture over top.  Fill the glass with water and stir.  Add a few fresh mint leaves and blueberries and enjoy.

Blueberry lemonade with hints of mint from Hezzi-D's Books and cooks



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