Darwin’s Children

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     The book Darwin’s Children by Natasha Larryopens with a look at a very unique family.  The Lerner’s live in Jonesborough, Tennessee, a small town made up of prodominately white families.  Meet Jaycie, a 17 year old black teenager who is impressively smart.  She’s also an empath who has a talent in telepathy and telekenesis.  Her father Mason, a local doctor, is quite possibly the world’s most powerdul telepath.  They live with Allision, Jaycie’s live in nanny.  Allison is beautiful, blond, and incredibly young looking.  She’s also 92 year old with superhuman strength and speed.  The last member of the family is John, Jaycie’s godfather who has the power of persuasion.

     Things are going well until Jaycie is forced to go to a prestegious high school after many years of being home schooled.  The kids at school aren’t sure how she’s different but they know they don’t want to be around her.  If that’s not enough, things are heating up between Jaycie and her best friend Matt.  Unfortunately, when they two try to become more then friends Jaycie struggles to keep control of her telekenisis. 

     Everything seems so routine until a stranger delivers a message to Jaycie telling her where to get a job and then to become friends with a girl who works there.  Jaycie immediately recognizes that Haylee has supernatural powers herself, though she is not yet aware of them.  The continues on with Jaycie getting ready to surge into her full power, Haylee learning about her powers, and the family coming together as quite possibly the most powerful family in the entire world.

    I thought the story line in this book was enjoyable.  It took a look at the supernatural world through the eyes of super charged humans.  The book flows easily and is a quick read.  At times there are parts that are overly dramatic and seem hard to beleive but for the most part the book stays on track and is a fast paced ride through the supernatural.

I give this book 3 ½ stars out of 5 stars.
*I was given a copy of this book by the author for review.  The review is based soley on my own opinion.*
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