Desolate (Desolation #2) by Ali Cross

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     Where darkness lives, all becomes desolate . . .

     It’s been two months since sixteen-year-old Desolation Black chose Earth over Hell and her friend Miri over her eternal love, Michael.

     Desi goes through the motions of life: school, training, remaining vigilant against the forces of darkness, but her dreams are full of the choices she wishes she could change. When she’s injured by a strange demon, old temptations arise, and the lines between good and evil blur. Desi discovers those choices aren’t so final after all.

     And this time, the power of love—for a friend, for a lover—may not be enough to save her from the darkness that lurks within. (-synopsis from Goodreads)

     The second book in the Desolation series by Ali Cross begins where the first book left off.  Desi and James are living in Lucy’s apartment where they begin trying to live a normal life.  The problem is that Desi continues to have dreams about Michael living in Hell.  When Desi’ best friend Miri begins to have dreams about a horseman from Hell coming to claim the Earth things begin to change.

     The Hallowed meet and begin to prepare for the coming of the horseman.  Unfortunately Desi begins to be pulled by her Shadow and feels as though when she lost Michael she lost her golden spark as well.  When the horseman finally comes he manages to pierce Desi’s heart and Lucifer enters for good.

     Desi soon embraces her Shadow and is ready to become the daughter her father wants her to be.  Michael and Miri desperately try to get her to find her golden spark but they may be too late this time.  Will Desi finally Become the princess of Hell?

     Desi really begins to grow up in this book.  She feels responsible for Lucy’s death and Michael’s eternal punishment in Hell.  She is depressed and feels as though she has no where to go and no one to help her make it all right.  She tries to fight off the darkness but has difficulty locating her light.  This is such a real struggle that teens face everyday of their lives and that made this a realistic struggle.

    I really loved the ending of this book and can’t wait to see what happens in the third book in the series.  I’m glad that Michael is back in the picture and that James and Miri have become Desi’s closest friends.  I can only hope that Desi chooses what is right in the third book.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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