Homemade Gifts For Stress Relief (Self-Help Stress Solutions) by Darlene Josaphe

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The economy that we are all living with today makes it extremely hard to spend money on presents. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do to fix the economy, but you can fix the way you feel about gift-giving during any season and all year long.

Imagine having plenty of presents at your fingertips for any season and any reason. Not only are these presents as unique as your friends and family, but they cost you very little to create. These gifts also give you the satisfaction of knowing that each one is created specifically for a person that you care about, rather than being just a thoughtless gift purchased from the department store.

Making stress relief gifts as a hobby really offers so many wonderful benefits. Rather than spending money that you do not have on gifts that might or might not be perfect for that special person, why not create a stress relieving gift instead?

There are plenty of options for crafts, relaxing lotions, scented candles, and even beautiful indoor gardens that make spectacular gifts. Not only does receiving a homemade gift make your friends and family feel special, making the gift can give you the stress relief that you are looking for in your own life.  (-synopsis from Goodreads)

I was excited to receive this ebook for review because I am someone who is always making homemade gifts for holidays and birthdays.  I like to give homemade gifts because they are meaningful, you can personalize them, and they are cost effective.  The author writes this book with the idea of making homemade stress relieving gifts.  This is a great idea especially around the holidays when everyone is stressed.

There are many great ideas in this book from making scented lotions and scented oil to homemade preserves and teas.  There are some great recipes for these gifts and ideas on how to make them.  In addition to making the actual product, the author talks about ways to make creative packaging for them as well.

This is a short ebook but it’s very informative and has great ideas.   The only thing missing from this book were pictures.  There wasn’t a single photo in the book.  As someone who likes to look at a picture before making anything, I found some of these ideas hard to visualize.  My rating of the book definitely would have been higher had there been pictures to go along with the projects.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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