Let’s Get Organized with Sharpie Pens!

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School is back in session and that means my days are full of running around the school!   This year I’m mostly working with special education students in grades 2-5 so I have 8 classrooms that I work in.   In order to keep myself organized I like to color code the kids and teachers by grade level.   Sharpie Pens come in a wide variety of colors and make it easy for me to organize everything from the kids binders and folders to my own schedule!

Sharpie Pens are just as good as Sharpie Markers but they won't bleed through paper!

The first thing I did when I got home was to gather up my binders, folders, and my blank schedule.  I then took stock of the colors I had.   I purchased one Sharpie Stainless Steel Pen, which has black ink, from Walgreens.  I really liked the sharp look of it plus it has a soft comfort grip and is refillable!   Then I purchased a Sharpie Pens Assortment which came with purple, orange, blue, and black pens.

I decided to assign each grade a color.   I used black for 5th grade, purple for 4th grade, orange for 3rd grade, and blue for 2nd grade.   Next I found a package of mailing labels and made 4 labels for each child, using their grade level color.    I placed one name sticker on each of my folders and one name sticker on each of my binders.  Then I organized them by grade level.   Just having the different colors made it so much easier to find the kid I was looking for!

Get organized with Sharpie Pens!

The last thing I had to do was my schedule.   This is often the hardest part of my job because I have to look at service hours and time in the classroom.   I wrote out a rough draft in pencil and then transferred it onto my blank schedule using the different colored Sharpie pens.  I really like that Sharpie Pens have the same bold, smooth, high quality writing experience of the Sharpie marker but it doesn’t bleed through paper!   This is great because almost everything I write on is a thin sheet of paper and I can’t afford to have my comments bleed from one sheet to another.

I wrote my schedule out using the different colors and it really made a difference.   I am now able to simply glance at the schedule and know what grade level I need to visit.   On my way to the classroom I can then look and see which teacher I need to visit.  The entire system of color coding everything I need for myself and my students at school has made finding things a snap!   I no longer waste time looking through every single folder for the one I need.   I now look for the color and am able to pull what I need almost immediately.

I organized my life at work with colored Sharpie Pens!

I’m so glad that I was able to find these colored Sharpie Pens to help me get organized at school this year.   We are just beginning our third week of school and I’m already feeling better about this year then I have in years past.

Get organized with Sharpie Pens!


  1. I love Sharpies and didn’t know they come in pens too! I will have to get me some of those pens. Staying organized can be so difficult. I’m glad you found a way to make your day easier.

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