Mr. Rebound (Book Review)

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     Mr. Rebound, by new author Michael Cain, opens with Susan being dumped just minutes before she walks down the aisle.  She stares in shock at the note written on a bar napkin given to her by the best man.  Her best friends, Kevin and Liz, sweep her out of the church and get her back to her apartment.  While trying to decide what to do first Liz has the idea to send Susan and Kevin on the already paid for honeymoon trip to Cancun.

     Soon Kevin and Susan find themselves in a huge suite in Cancun.  There are two major problems.  Kevin has always been in love with Susan and isn’t sure how to act with her in this tropical paradise.  The second is that Susan is curled up in a fetal position crying in her room.  In an effort to bring her back into the world Kevin begins playing songs from their time together in college.  Susan soon comes around only to realize that her geeky buddy Kevin has turned into gorgeous, well muscled hunk.

    Kevin and Susan finally realize their attraction to each other which leads to some steamy scenes in Cancun.  However, before they can talk about what has happened between then Liz makes her way to Mexico and interrupts.  In an effort not to be hurt, Kevin leaves the girls in Mexico and flies home without a goodbye.

    The rest of the novel takes us through how both Susan and Kevin cope in the months after their tryst in Cancun.  Six months later they have a chance meeting while making a bid for the design of the new opera house for rival architect firms.  Feelings come to the surface, assumptions are made, and these two best friends will never be the same after it’s all over.

    I enjoyed reading this book and that the characters were believable.  It is a romantic comedy that is filled with fun, romance, and a few very steamy scenes.  Overall it’s a quick and fun read.

I give this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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