Pear and Cranberry Orange Cocktail

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I’m not sure if you know this but I’m a pear nut.  Growing up I wasn’t a big fan of pears probably because I often got the mealy ones in the school cafeteria.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve had the pleasure of trying a multitude of different pears and I really enjoy them!  I’ve also learned that I like things that are pear flavored.   To get the best pear flavor you need to bite into a firm and juicy pear.   They are great.

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So when I was in the liquor store and saw that they had pear flavored vodka I had to buy it.   I looked for a small bottle but since they didn’t have any I went ahead and bought the full sized bottle.  I figured I’d find a few fun drinks to make with it.

The first drink I made with the pear vodka was a pear and cranberry orange cocktail.  It sounds like a whole lot of flavors but it tastes like a tropical fruit punch.

Well, it tastes like an adult version of fruit punch which is great for a summer pool party which is the theme for this weeks Sunday Supper event.  I even managed to find some fresh cranberries to garnish the drink!

Pear and Cranberry Orange Cocktail

The cocktail is made with pear vodka and orange liqueur.  Then cranberry juice and lime juice is added.

The cranberry juice adds some sweetness to the drink and the lime juice adds a bit of tartness.   It’s a great combination.   I also rimmed the glass with orange sugar and placed the fresh cranberries on top.

Pear and Cranberry Orange Cocktail

Pear and Cranberry Orange Cocktail

Yield: 1 cocktail
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


For the cocktail:

  • 2 oz. pear vodka
  • 1 oz. orange liqueur
  • 1 Tablespoon lime juice
  • cranberry juice

For the garnish:

  • 5 cranberries
  • cocktail stirrer
  • honey
  • orange sugar


  1. Dip the rim of a low ball glass in honey and then dip into orange sugar. Fill with ice.
  2. Pour the pear vodka, orange liqueur, and lime juice in the glass. Fill with cranberry juice and give it a swirl to stir.
  3. Place the 5 cranberries on a cocktail stirrer and lay across the top of the glass.


Adapted from Tablespoon

Fun Pear and Cranberry Orange Cocktail
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  1. I was the same way with pears. But once I had a good one I was hooked. This is such a great cocktail and one that would go from summer through fall.

    1. I think that was my problem. ALl the pears I had were a little soft and didn’t have much flavor. Now I know which ones to buy!

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