Thoughtless by Jacqueline Gardner

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      This book opens into action.  When a murder happens at school Bridget finds the girls body and is caught standing over it by science geek Rory.  The two quickly make a pact to not tell anyone what they saw.  Everything seems fine until Rory gets a threatening note in his locker.  Soon the two are looking over their shoulders and trying not to get killed.  

    Meanwhile, Bridget is also trying to date the super hot new boy, Terrence.  It’s a relief to her that she can’t hear his thoughts.  She thinks he’s special and is determined to make it work with him.    Spending time with him is harder then she thought as her mother grounds her for being out late and Rory is constantly calling her about the murder.  Her best friend Emma is excited by the fact Bridget is finally dating and vows to help her find a way to see him.

    When Rory and Bridget walk in on a mind controlled student who tries to kill them they know they’ve stumbled onto something big.  The FBI quickly gets involved and Bridget learns the killers are after people with unique abilities like herself.  Together Bridget and Rory struggle to stay alive while figuring out who the killer really is.

     I enjoyed the fast pace of this novel.  It opened on the killing scene and didn’t stop until the very end.  The idea that Bridget is a mind reader and no one but her mother knows was interesting as well.  I was scared for Bridget and Rory and was concerned as to why Bridget couldn’t read Terrence’s mind.  

    I ended up reading this book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down and wanted to find out who the killer was.  While there were a few parts where the story line was pretty far out their, for the most part it was a fun, action packed read.  I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal books or action novels.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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