Turkey Tenderloin with Brown Butter and Herbs

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I love Thanksgiving and everything that comes with it but when it’s just Frank and I at home I can’t justify making an entire turkey or even a whole turkey breast.   While we both like turkey there’s no way we can eat that much ourselves.  That’s why I will often make a turkey tenderloin for the two of us.

Turkey Tenderloin with Brown Butter and Herbs

This is my new favorite way to make the turkey.  Butter is browned in a skillet and then herbs are added to it.  The butter is poured over top of the turkey and it roasts in the oven.  The turkey stays moist, has a flavorful sauce of the herb butter and turkey drippings, and it tastes fabulous.  This is a great dish to serve if only a few people are coming to Thanksgiving dinner or if you want quick and easy turkey dinner.

Turkey Tenderloin with Brown Butter and Herbs  (a Hezzi-D original)
2 (1 lb) turkey tenderloins
3 T. salted butter
1 T. fresh parsley, chopped
1 T. fresh rosemary, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 t. black pepper
2 t. lemon juice

1.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

2.  Place the turkey tenderloins in a glass baking dish.

3.  Heat the salted butter in a small skillet over medium heat.  Swirl it occasionally until the butter begins to brown.  Add in the parsley, rosemary, garlic, and black pepper.   Cook for an additional minute and remove from heat.  Add the lemon juice and stir.

4.  Pour the butter over top of the turkey.

5.  Cook for 20 minutes, flip turkey over, and cook for an additional 20 minutes.  Remove from oven and spoon butter sauce over top of the turkey and flip over 1 more time.  Cook for 10-20 minutes or until the temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Turkey Tenderloin with Brown Butter and Herbs from Hezzi-D's Books and Cooks

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