25 Superior Soup Recipes for Winter

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Usually winter lasts for at least 6 months where I live.   We have a bunch of snow and cold weather days because of where we live.  This often means I end up going to school well into June because we have to make up so many days each year.

This year has been a little different than most in that it’s been fairly warm.   It was over 50 degrees on Christmas Day and it got up into the 60’s in January.   That rarely happens around here but since I’m a warm weather gal I’ve been pretty pleased about it.

25 Superior Soups

That’s not to say we haven’t had our cold days too.   It’s been below freezing, we’ve had a horrible ice storm, and a little bit of snow.  On those days I get so cold I generally drink coffee or tea all day long to help warm me up from the core.  I also like to make soup for dinner on those days because it helps warm me out as well.

During the winter months we try to eat soup at least once a week for several different reasons.  The first is that it helps keep us warm.  The second is that there is always plenty leftover for lunches throughout the week.  The last reason is that soup is fairly easy to make and can be pretty hardy.

I’ve collected 25 Superior Soup Recipes for Winter so that you will have enough recipes to make a different one each week all winter long!  There is such a wide variety of soups from classic chicken noodle and minestrone to spicy shrimp soup and curry vegetable soup.   There are soups made on the stove, made in the slow cooker, and made in the Instant Pot.

No matter what type of soup you are looking for I’ve got one for you!


25 Superior Soup Recipes for Winter

25 Superior Soup Recipes including vegetarian soups, soups made in the slow cooker, soups made in the Instant Pot, and hearty soups with meat as well!

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