30+ Farmer’s Market Recipes

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Summer is almost here and that means the farmer’s markets are opening up in my area!   In fact, this past week was the first one in my little town.  

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Unfortunately I’m still in school so I couldn’t go but my husband went and picked up some fresh produce.   I swear, there is nothing like farm fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer time.  Plus it’s nice to support local farmer’s whenever we can.

Going to the farmer’s market is also a social event.  We always end up seeing people we know and catching up on their lives.

Finally, choosing my own fresh produce leads me to eating way more fruits and vegetables.   Usually we have the same old vegetable dishes and side dishes over and over again but in the summer we seem to be way more adventurous.

Pin Collage:   A jar of vinegar, a bowl of salad, a bowl of pink soup with eggs, and a bowl of vegetables.

Since I’m always on the look out for new ideas on how to use the fruits and vegetables I collected some of the best recipes from my fellow food bloggers that deal with farmer’s market produce!  

So take look at these tasty farmer’s market recipes!   Pin the ones you like and enjoy the collection of fresh fruit and vegetable recipes.



Farmer's Market Recipes

Get to your local Farmer's Market and choose the freshest fruits and vegetables! Check out recipes for using all of your fresh produce.

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