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I love cottage cheese with fruit and nuts!

Let’s talk about the original Superfood.   Do you know what I’m talking about?   It’s cottage cheese!    Friendship Dairies has been making cottage cheese since 1917.   Friendship Dairies cottage cheese is super because it’s high in protein (1% cottage cheese has 15 grams per serving).  It’s uber versatile and can be mixed with just about anything.  Cottage cheese is also great anytime of day and keeps you energized throughout.

Friendship Dairies cottage cheese

Friendship Dairies has created a fun Superfood Generator to help you make the best combination of cottage cheese and mix-ins.   When you go to the website you simply pick your favorite type of cottage cheese and then choose up to three mix-ins.  They have fruits, veggies, spices, sweets, crunchy items, and even grains to add to the cottage cheese.  It’s a great way to find a new superfood super snack.

The Superfood Generator-make your favorite cottage cheese with mix-ins

After choosing your cottage cheese and the mix-ins simply click the done button and you’ll get a summary telling you how many grams of protein are in your snack as well as any added benefits you’ll receive from the mix-ins you chose.  For example it may tell you it’s heart healthy, has added fiber, or antioxidants.   Whatever you choose, it’s really fun to make your own combination!  Make sure you try the Superfood Generator.

The super duper Superfood Mix-in sweepstakes

Did you try it yet?   If not I have even more incentive for you to give it a try!   When you try the Superfood Generator, add your mix-ins, and get a summary, you can then enter to win The Super-Duper Totally Fantastic Superfood Mix-in Sweepstakes!  (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. For rules, see  Friendship Dairies is giving away up to $5,000 in weekly prizes, including three $498 Vitamix®grand prizes.  How awesome is that?

Friendship Dairies Cottage CHeese to Go

The sweeps run July 1 through August 31. You can enter everyday now through August 31. Each daily entry is submitted into our grand prize drawing. Plus, if you share the sweeps on your wall, you get a bonus entry for every one of your friends that enters based on your post!

In addition to the three $498 Vitamix®grand prizes, they are giving away 10 weekly prizes! Here is what they are giving away each week:

  • July 1-7:  Insulated Lunch Tote
  • July 8-14: Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale
  • July 15-21:  Funky Vegetable Kit
  • July 22-28: High Density Yoga Mat with Carry Strap
  • July 29-August 4:  Fitbit Flex Activity and Sleep Band
  • August 5-11:  Cooking All-In-One Timer/Thermometer
  • August 12-18:  Roasted Nut Gift Tray
  • August 19-25: Glass Mix-in Storage Containers
  • August 26-31: Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit

So make sure to visit Friendship Dairies and try the Superfood Generator for your chance to win one of these amazing prizes!   Want a few ideas of delicious mix-ins?   I’ve created three of my favorites to share with you.

Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese

If you like your cottage cheese with fruit, I created a triple berry cottage cheese mix-in.  It includes Friendship Dairies 1% Lowfat Whipped Cottage Cheese, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.  It has 15 grams of protein, contains antioxidants, and contains vitamin C.

If savory is more your style, try tasty cottage cheese with Friendship Dairies 1% Lowfat Cottage Cheese, chopped bell pepper, scallions, and chives. It has 15 grams of protein, antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Finally, if you want something a little different try Friendship Dairies 2% Pot Style Cottage Cheese with pineapple, chia seeds, and honey.   It has 14 grams of protein, antioxidants, vitamin C, and omega 3 fatty acids.

A delightful sweet and crunch cottage cheese mixture

All three of these combinations are awesome but if you want to make your own go to Friendship Dairies Superfood Generator, make your own combination, and then enter the sweepstakes.



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