Halloween Treats for Kids

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Looking for some fun recipes to make for the kids?   From cupcakes and cookies to drinks and parfaits, we’ve got Halloween treats for kids of all ages!

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Halloween is quickly approaching and if your child is like mine they love getting in the kitchen to help you cook or bake.  J likes to come in and watch whatever is cooking in the oven.  When the timer beeps he gets so excited.   If he is in the living room he will run out to the kitchen to let me know that they timer has gone off and I need to take something out of the oven. 

Since he likes to help me in the kitchen and because I know so many other kids do as well I wanted to share some Halloween treats and snacks that are not only good for kids to eat but are fun for them to help make as well. 

Halloween treats range from sugary sweet cupcakes and cookies to healthier options like fruit parfaits.  Everything is Halloween themed and can be eaten by kids.

While younger kids might not be able to make the Halloween recipes on their own they can certainly help to decorate them!  Many of these treats have sprinkles or frosting or candy eyes on top and kids of all ages can have fun making them their own. 

So if you are looking for something fun to do with your kids for Halloween check out this list of fun and creative Halloween Treats for Kids.

tips for baking with kids:

  • Have an apron or a large shirt to put over top of your child’s clothing.  Play clothes would work here too.  Kids get messy when they bake!
  • Have all of the ingredients out and ready to go along with any equipment needed before having the child come to help.  Older children can do some of this themselves. 
  • Teach your child safety tips for the kitchen.  Only turn on the oven when an adult is around, don’t touch the stove top, use pot holders, etc.


Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween is almost here and we are serving up fun themed treats for kids of all ages.

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