Nutella Marshmallow Popcorn with M &M’s

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Sometimes I really like to snack on something that is both sweet and salty.  There’s something about that combination that puts all my cravings to rest and is totally satisfying.  So when I went on a gourmet popcorn kick I started thinking of sweet popcorn recipes that I could add a bit of salt to and make the perfect combination.

Nutella Marshmallow Popcorn

I went with something a little over the top.  I found a recipe for Nutella popcorn.  It looked amazing but I thought it lacked a few things.  For one it was just begging for some mini marshmallows.  Then it needed a bit more salt.  I added those in and it made a really delicious sweet popcorn with a touch of saltiness.

Nutella Marshmallow Popcorn with M & M’s (adapted from Inside BruCrew Life)
8 c. popped popcorn
3/4 mini marshmallows
1/2 M & M’s
6 oz. white chocolate chips
1/2 c. Nutella
1 t. salt

1.  Combine the popcorn, marshmallows, and M & M’s on a cookie sheet.

2.  Melt the white chocolate chips in 30 second intervals in the microwave until the are completely melted.  Mix in the Nutella and stir until smooth.

3.  Drizzle the Nutella mixture over top of the popcorn.  Using your hands make sure the Nutella mixture covers the popcorn, marshmallows, and M & M’s.  Sprinkle with salt.

4.  Allow the mixture to harden for 1 hour.  Break the popcorn into pieces.  Package in an air tight container for up to 1 week.

Gourmet Nutella Marshmallow Popcorn

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