Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider

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Enjoy a steaming mug of Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with cinnamon, and drizzled with caramel.

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Fall is here and there is a chill in the air!  While I am a coffee girl in the morning I like to drink other things in the evening.  Whether it’s hot tea or cider or hot chocolate, it’s usually not coffee if it’s later in the day.  Since I’ve been on an apple kick this fall I wanted to make a delicious apple beverage.

I’ve had a lot of apple ciders in my time.  I love it served hot with cinnamon on top.  I’ve bought it at the market, gotten it at farms, and have had it at parties.   While I’ve used it in many recipes I’ve never made it myself.  I guess I wasn’t sure how exactly to go about making a tasty apple cider.

what is apple cider?

Apple cider is a non-alcoholic beverage made from fresh-pressed apples. It’s unfiltered apple juice and may vary in sweetness and flavor depending on the variety of apples that are used.While regular apple juice is usually light in color and clear, apple cider is often cloudy and darker in color. Apple cider is often enjoyed in the fall and can be served hot or cold. Some people also use it as a base for mulled cider or as an ingredient in cooking and baking.

A slow cooker with apples and an orange in it.

This recipe uses the slow cooker so it makes a good amount of cider.   I actually cooked up a big batch then put the leftovers in a container in the refrigerator.  

For the next few days I ladled out the amount I wanted and heated it in the microwave.  It was still delicious!   I’d say it’s best enjoyed within 3 days but is good up to 5 days.


  • apples (use your favorite type)
  • orange (just a regular navel orange is good for this recipe)
  • cinnamon sticks
  • nutmeg
  • whole cloves
  • water
  • brown sugar (I use light but you can use dark if you prefer)
  • caramel sauce (make your own or use jarred or bottled)
  • boiled cider (optional but it packs a ton of flavor)
  • whipped cream (actual whipped cream, not frozen non-dairy whipped topping)

The recipe starts with apples, an orange, water, and spices in the slow cooker.  The mixture heats until the apples have softened.  After the apples are soft you mash them up with a a potato masher or something similar.  I used my jam masher.  

what apples are best for cider?

It depends on what type of cider you are looking for.  If you want a sweeter cider than Golden Delicious, Fuji, and Gala apples are a good choice.  For a complex and tart cider try Granny Smith and Bramley apples.  Bittersweet apples have a good balance of sugar and tannins which makes them ideal for cider production. Apples such as Yarlington Mill and Chisel Jersey are good for this type of cider.

Once the apples in the slow cooker have softened you strain everything through a fine mesh sieve. Then the strained mixture goes back in the slow cooker along with brown sugar and caramel and cooks for a bit longer.

A mug of Caramel Apple Cider

I ended up adding a bit of boiled cider to my cider.   It wasn’t much, just a tablespoon or two, but it packs such a burst of apple flavor.    When I was ready to enjoy the cider I ladled it into a mug and topped it off with whipped cream, cinnamon, and caramel sauce.

what is boiled cider?

Boiled cider is also called cider syrup or apple molasses.  It is a concentrated apple product made by reducing apple cider through a boiling process. It is made from fresh-pressed apple cider that is simmered or boiled down to a thick, syrupy consistency. During the reduction process, the water content in the cider evaporates which leaves behind the natural sugars and flavors of the apples.  It’s often used in cocktails, salad dressings, or baked goods to add a rich apple flavor.

This cider is amazing!  It’s sweet, a little bit tart, and has flavors of apples, spices, and caramel.   It’s the perfect fall beverage and it warms you up from the inside. 

A mug of caramel apple cider with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top.

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Since it’s made in the slow cooker it would be great to serve at a party or when people come over.   It’s easy to keep warm in the slow cooker and topping options could be served on the side.

I like to top mine with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and a dusting of cinnamon.   You could also top it with a drizzle of boiled cider, nutmeg, or a cinnamon stick. 

Give it a try this fall while apples are in season!

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A mug of caramel apple cider with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top.

Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider

Enjoy a steaming mug of sweet and tart apple cider with hints of caramel in it.
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 7 hours
Total Time: 7 hours 15 minutes
Servings: 10 cups
Author: Hezzi-D


  • 5 apples
  • 1 orange
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 5 whole cloves
  • 8 c. water
  • 1/2 c. brown sugar
  • 1/2 c. caramel sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons boiled cider optional
  • Whipped Cream
  • caramel sauce
  • cinnamon


  • Wash the apples and the orange. Cut the apples into quarters and place them in the slow cooker. Don't worry about seeds, you'll be straining them out later.
  • Add the orange, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, and water to the slow cooker. Cook on high for 3 hours or low for 6 hours.
  • Remove the lid and mash the apples with a potato masher. Make sure they really break up in the slow cooker. Replace lid and cook for an additional hour.
  • Use a fine mesh strainer to strain the contents into a large bowl. Stir in brown sugar and caramel sauce and stir to dissolve. Stir in boiled cider if desired. Pour back into the slow cooker and cook for 30 minutes.
  • When ready to serve ladle the apple cider into mugs and top with whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a caramel drizzle.
  • Refrigerate any extra cider for up to 5 days in an air tight container.


Recipe adapted from Tastes Better From Scratch

A mug of Caramel Apple Cider with whipped cream on top.


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