35 BBQ Recipes for Memorial Day and Summer Celebrations!

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Whether you are grilling out for just your family, hosting a huge BBQ, or going to a party for summer celebrations we’ve got 35 amazing BBQ recipes that you need to try!  This post originally published May 2013.

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Summer is coming!  Summer is coming!  I am so happy I could jump up and down.  I absolutely love the warm weather and sun.  Running around outside in my bare feet with a sundress on or shorts and a tank top is the perfect day for me.

I feel like this year winter has gone on forever.   Everytime I think that spring and summer finally came it would get cold and snow….again.  I’ve been waiting for the warm weather for months.

For me the official beginning of summer is officially Memorial Day.  We usually end up having a family BBQ at my parents house and my dad opens up the pool.  As long as it doesn’t rain it’s the perfect start to summer.

Pin Collage:   A BBQ Pork Burger with slaw, a dill pickle potato salad, a burger dripping with bacon burger sauce.

Since I feel like we often have the same foods at our summer parties I wanted to share some of my favorite BBQ ideas because it’s always nice to add something new to the mix!

So I have main dishes like burgers and grilled chicken, plenty of macaroni, pasta, and potato salads, and lots of other side dishes.   No matter what you are celebrating or who you are inviting these recipes are sure to be a hit at your Memorial Day BBQ or other summer celebrations. 


The Best Recipes for a BBQ


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